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Presents for new-born twins (well, 2mo old)

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Simplysally Sun 05-Oct-08 21:53:46

Two of my friends have just had twins (boy/girl) and I've been invited round to see the babies next weekend. I'm not quite sure what to take as a gift - do twins wear interchangable clothes at first or should you take 'girl' things and 'boy' things?

Any advice gratefully received.

throckenholt Mon 06-Oct-08 13:42:06

how about something for the mum - the kids probably have masses of everything - your friend might appreciate you thinking of her (rather than the twins being the centre of attention)

coochybottom Mon 06-Oct-08 14:26:03

Offer to help as well if you can. I had lots of offers of help before my twins were born. Once they had arrived I had lots of visitors who seemed to take one look at the situation and disappear! I think it is nice to buy a pressie for each child as they are individuals after all. My friend also did some baking for us which was nice and had my older son after school to ease the pressure.

accessorizequeen Mon 06-Oct-08 15:58:14

I've just had twins & a friend made me a huge pile of food to put in the freezer, absolutely brilliant - or if you're not that close some food from M&S etc that they can whack in the oven is good too. If they already have older children (as I do), it is quite nice to have some matching clothes - my mil bought matching fleecy jumpers and so they have something matching in all their photos which is v.nice.

kateri Thu 09-Oct-08 00:51:48

Anything that is NEITHER pink or blue!!!

With b/g twins, you just seem to get little else!

lulururu Thu 09-Oct-08 06:07:30

no clothes!!! especially stretch n gros!! i got given over 200(!!!) stretch n gros alone not counting other clothes items and yes agree with kateri that most of it was pink or blue!! its only now 11months on that i'm able to choose to buy clothes of my choice now, although i'm grateful for not having that expense earlier, i would have preferred something more like meals/nappies/bedding/nightlight. really the most used presents i got were bath toys, nightlight and a nursery clock of all things!!! the twins liked the tick of the clock and it helped me at nightfeeds.

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