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Help! Find a lazy pregnant lady easy fitting maternity clothes

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Ewemoo Tue 30-Sep-08 12:30:46

I am 22 weeks pregnant with id twin girls and have just in the last week become increasingly uncomfortable in any clothes I have. I have bought maternity jeans that go over my bump but I'm finding they come in ridiculous lengths (I'm 5"2) and quite honestly I'm too tired and lazy to turn them up. Do the belt expander things work or do you still feel like you're spilling out of your trousers. As you can see I'm v fed up with being pregnant already and have had enough. Please tell me how you all coped with being huge!

coochybottom Tue 30-Sep-08 13:33:29

I can remember my clothes splitting at the seams towards the end!!grin I am the same height as you. I just wore leggings and huge t shirts in the end as I didnt want to fork out for expensive maternity wear.

frumpygrumpy Tue 30-Sep-08 20:34:01

I loved jersey trousers that came right over my bump. Just basic ones from JoJo (I think) were my favourites. Everything else seemed to have too many buttons and bits that would dig in where I didn't need it. Buy a bigger size for later in the pregnancy.

Also buy a maternity sweatshirt two or three sizes bigger than you need. It is comforting to feel something huge and soft around you even if you only have pants on with it. They are light and don't restrict you too much.

Lastly, I went swimming. It was one place I felt light.

Leoloopydoo Tue 07-Oct-08 10:04:07

I also lived in jersey trousers (H&M), everything esle was either uncomfortable or just didn't stay up! I didn't gain much weight and had the same ones from the beginning (the size just moved off other places onto my belly).

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