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Twin mum in need of adult conversation

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cheryl1707 Sun 27-Feb-05 19:35:27


my twins(boys) were born 11 weeks early, thankfully they are doing ok now, still attend hospital and they are now 13 months.

I also have another ds whose 3 and work full time.

I feel so isolated amidst the frenzy of organising the boys and dh(lol)

Am i the only one or do others feel the same when you are out shopping everyone and their dog thinks it,s their god given right to stand in front of the buugy giving it "oh twins how nice" yes it is in fact the most wonderful thing in life but don't just expect us twin parents to stop for you OUR CHILDREN DO NEED FED SOMETIMES TOO. They get a little ratty when you say you can't stop and make me feel bloody guilty.

Don't have much time for socialising and to be honest wouldn't leave them with someone to go get drunk, although in desperate need of a large morgans an coke

So twin mums do you feel the same?

Keep it posted

pedilia Sun 27-Feb-05 19:55:40

my sil had similar problem with her triplets, and to add insult to injury they would ignore ds1 !

toomanypushchairs Sun 27-Feb-05 19:58:37

Hi, i'm a mum to twin boys, now 2.2yrs. it changes! most people ignore me now!

toomanypushchairs Sun 27-Feb-05 20:01:29

sorry, forgot to add, am in need of adult conversation too. They take up my whole life, can't even talk on the phone, they are so noisy I can't hear what anyone is saying. Like mumsnet cos they can make as much noise as they like. Can only do this when they are behaving and not pulling the wires out of the computer though!

cheryl1707 Sun 27-Feb-05 20:56:16

Hi all

thanx for replying, it's good to know I aint alone now, and that others can relate to how I feel at times

pop Sun 27-Feb-05 21:01:26

oh so reassuring to see felow twinny mums feeling the same way!!!!! I have twin girls 2.5 and 5 yr old boy and feel like NOBODY understands. i am finding the girls really ahrd as they are at that terrible 2 stage and I feel I put a lot of pressure on my self to do what everyone else is doing although no one else I know even has 3 kids let alone twins. I feel guilty all the time 'cos am not spending enough time with either twins or ds - good to know there are other people out there!!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Feb-05 21:01:57

Hi Cheryl. It's very wearing isn't it? I have a Marco Sky buggy, and because it looks like a single buggy I don't get stopped as much. It was great at first wasn't it? I bet (like me) you were filled with such pride that people wanted to look at your gorgeous babies. Now you want to run them all down. You've places to go, babies to feed and to be honest you're too tired to care whether or not Joe Bloggs on the street is fascinated by the babes and totally taken by them. There's been a thread on this before. The strength of feeling.... anyway, you're not alone.

It is good to talk to adults. We're here for you and understand the busyness of having two (and have nothing but respect for triplet mums, coz blimey it's hard enough with 2)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Feb-05 21:08:09

hi pop

Well done for doing what you do. It's hard being a mum never mind being a mum of twins. You're almost through the hard bit. My DTs are 1 now. I've found that the best way to deal with twins is to not try and do what others do. I find that people don't really understand what it means to be a twin parent, unless they are one themselves. I use that to give myself permission to slow things down. I hope that doesn't sound patronising. I have 5 kids in total and use all the excuses that I can lol. Welcome to the twins thread!

cheryl1707 Sun 27-Feb-05 21:10:08

Hi all

I totaly agree, triplet mums deserve a huge medal, twins and ds at 3 year old are so demanding at times i feel like I go round in circles to come back on myself. i feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders since finding mumsnet, only wish i found it sooner.

I am going to a meeting for expecting twin parent on wednesday night at local hospital to give experienced twin parent advice to expecting twinnies to be, hope I don't say anything to frighten them.

They will enjoy the experience of twins once they overcome the running around constantly and hard work(lol) Any advice you would like to pass on too

cheryl1707 Sun 27-Feb-05 21:11:12


I admire you already 5 kids you deserve a star

toomanypushchairs Sun 27-Feb-05 21:15:57

mtmml, saw the great picture of your dt's where are the others?

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Feb-05 21:20:56

cheryl, the only advice that I would pass on is what I said to pop. Don't worry what others are doing, they haven't got twins. Slow it down and enjoy. Take help where you can and ask for it if it's not offered.

toomany, I couldn't find a nice one of them all. I'm gonna get DH to take one of them tomorrow and then post it (vain aren't I?)

mumwithtwins Thu 31-Mar-05 08:40:28

As a mum with twin boys all i can say is take each day at a time everyday is different

happiness Sun 29-May-05 22:01:47

I had twins and a baby within a year. People always ask if they are triplets because my twins were premature at 28 weeks and my baby was a healthy 8lb3oz. so now they are all the same size. I sympathise about people stopping you but people look at my husband and i as if to say we had nothing else better to do than make another baby. hold your head up and smile. my twins were two last week and my baby was one last month, it is getting much easier now. Keep smiling

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