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HELP weaning/milk supply at 10 months

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twolittlepigs Sat 20-Sep-08 00:46:52

I'm currently away from partner and support network and need advice/support....

The piglets are now almost 10 months old and have always been breastfed (from source!) - never had formula/bottles...they are eating three square meals of solids now and drniking small butincreasing amounts of water from a spouted cup during the day.

Problem is, they have started to have shorter breastfeeds during the day (occasionally refusing), which is fine, except that I think it is affecting my overall milk supply.

I'm finding my milk is taking longer and longer to 'let-down', particularly at night. This creates havoc at the bedtime feed as I end up with two tired but very hungry boys...they have also started waking twice a night again (were down to once) which is making me exhausted...

Should I just pat myself on the back for breastfeeding so long and move on to formula? If so, how do I do that? Offer it in their spouted cup? At every meal? And how do night feeds work?

Or can I get through this without giving up on breastfeeding? I really wanted to wean them onto cows milk at 12months and I'm sooo close...

I'm feeling very torn and guilty about this, and advice/suggestions/support are very much needed!!

(Thanks for reading this far!!)


mamazee Sat 20-Sep-08 00:56:59

hiya..huge congratulations for feeding two for so long...lucky babies

when my milk supply felt low and /or my let down was slow it was always because of a couple of things

- drinking alcohol - my ds would feed 2/3 times more at night and day if i drank more than an occasional beer.

- dehydration on my part (i am guessing thats the booze thing too ?) you need extra water when you are bfeeding....well i did

- monosodium glutamate in food idea why just made the connection...not a wee bit but a chinese drenched in it and i was in trouble !

things that helped were...hemp oil capsules, fennel tea, carrying round lots of water, cutting out coffee .

good will pass i am sure...such a gift for them

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