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Is the leebrus zoom (twin) buggy any good?

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g4grapes Wed 17-Sep-08 22:11:07

Hi, am new to Mumsnet and to internet messaging in general, but can understand that it could be a life line!! Am expecting twins in December and also have a 2 year old girl. I was wondering if anyone had experience of the Leebrus Zoom twin buggy, as it seems expensive (as they all do!) and don't want the huge payout if it then turns out to be heavy, hard to push, folds to the size of a small elephant etc. wink Please help!! as this whole twins thing is getting slightly overwhelming, and this is something I can be practical about.

Serenani Thu 13-Jun-13 21:46:38

If you do could you please email me on xxx

Serenani Thu 13-Jun-13 21:44:47

Hi snoekpie, do you still have the pram for sale ? Xx

snoekpie Thu 18-Apr-13 14:45:53

hi guys i have a leebruss zoom buggy for sale. not expensive i think at £125. my twins loved it as it is so comfortable and practical. i dont like one to be hidden underneath not having the same view. I am near belfast. would highly recommend this pram for twins from birth to 3 xx

CarolineRed Thu 29-Apr-10 16:38:52

Does anyone know where you can see this buggy in any stores near the London area? I like the look but want to see it in the flesh which is proving difficult. x

Sunsun Thu 05-Nov-09 12:04:35

Looking for Zoom pushchair. If Patti70 can message me where we can get them for 570 and if the sites are still valid that would be great. The prices seem to be going up each year.


nappyaddict Mon 04-May-09 12:07:19

My friend had the Zoom and found it difficult to manoevere as it is so long. Also the backrest has an angle of 110 degrees so it is only really suitable from 6 months.

Other alternatives are inglesina domino

Team Alu S4

Vector Duo

Patti70 Mon 04-May-09 11:50:35

ABC Design haven't gone into liquidation, they are the company that designed the buggy and are based in Germany; very much alive and kicking!! However Leebruss the company that distributed ABC Design goods in the UK have gone into administration, I visited their showroom just before it happened and the man said it was just sad that all their other buggies didn't do aswell as the Zoom, (it didn't click until a couple of weeks later when I heard that they'd gone under). Anyway there must of been some sort of deal done and now Mothercare are stocking the Buggy for the UK, although they are only selling it online. Hope this helps!!

Cat1971 Sat 02-May-09 19:20:00

Hi all, have been reading this thread with interest and was very keen to buy a ABC Zoom. I was told today by an independant pram store that ABC Design have gone into liquidation about 6 weeks ago - has anyone else heard this?

Patti70 Tue 28-Apr-09 11:56:28

Hello everyone just got to say now I've had the twins and used the buggy (alot!!). I love it. Yes it is long, so not good if you need to go into village shops but for walking, supermarkets (it's amazing how much you can get into the basket!!) and malls it's brill. I've used it with the carseats and the carrycots and it is just so quick and easy to assemble. My only gripe/improvement would be that it doesn't have a lock to keep it folded down, so you have to watch how you take it out of the car or else you end up with it opening up before you've got it out the boot. Just noticed that Mothercare have started to stock it (although only online) and there is a new colour out, a really nice black and grey, sods law really but there you go!!
Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying it, good luck

moptop Fri 24-Apr-09 22:47:41

Hi Lucy, I have a zoom with maxi cosi adaptors which I plan to sell once my 7 month old twins go into forward facing car seats. I can't type much right now as I'm on my phone but if you'd like more info please email
amanda j hewitt dot co dot uk (no spaces)

It's too long for village shops but is great for malls and towns. I think it's one of the nicest tandems out there and generally I'm really happy with it - although I wish I could have bought a second hand one!

lucya1980 Thu 23-Apr-09 09:21:53

Hello, I am way behind all you, my twins are due in october( or september with twins timings!) I have been looking at the zoom twin all week after changing my mind several times, unable to make my mind up until i had a go of it. It seems to be a really good double, It also takes maxicosi car seat which i had from my first little boy who is 2 in november. They also have the isofix adapter but its expensive. There is a website callled and there are a large range of offers and things on here for mums of twins! However, buying other attachments for the zoom buggy from them is expensive. I have managed to get one carry cot on ebay much cheeper new, but there is not very many of them! Does any1 else find it too longto go anywhere? That is the only concern i am having about it atm!
thanks Lucy

Delphine18 Tue 31-Mar-09 08:45:32

Thanks again for those informations.

So in France, for twins, there is just an "association" where we can hire pushchairs, hightchairs... we can also have throught them discounts on website, stores. Some shops specialsed in baby material do this automaticaly, for example for 1 article bought, we have 15% discount, and for 2 identical articles, we have 20% discount.

When we have 2 babies, we have also financial helps (depending on our incomes). We can stop working until the 2nd baby is 3 years old, or work at 50% the time, or 80% and we have also a little financial help.
In my case, I stop working and I have every month 850 Eur (I do not know how many it corresponds in GBP).
For the birth of one baby we receive about 870 Eur,so for twins x2 but it still depends on our income. Some families are too much "rich" and cannot pretend to those helps.

I hope it is clear as I did not know the right terms

I just have a question : what do you mean with DD1, DD2, DH????

Take care

g4grapes Fri 27-Mar-09 22:58:38

Hi Delphine

My husband travelled Europe with his parents when he was younger, so he knows Jura!

The wheels are nice and large, and is is very easy to push and turn round corners.

I think Patti70 was saying that the rain cover feels thin, but it is effective, I have used it. The comment about the window is that the first child completely blocks your view of the second, and it would be nice to be able to see them as you are walking.

As I said, I love it, the twins seem very comfortable in it, and my oldest daughter likes to try to help me push!

Do you have any support or help with twins in France? It is always interesting to know how things work in another country! grin

Take care


Delphine18 Fri 27-Mar-09 08:45:24

Hi Gemma,
Thank you in advance for the pictures.
Nice if you understood me

I do not need pictures with the carrycots or the carseat as my toddlers sit now directly in the seats of the pushchairs. I want to see (by this pictures) if there is enough room between the legs of the children when they sit face to face

Do you think the wheels are enought large ? I ask this question because before thinking at the Leebruss, I was looking for the MacLaren Twin Techno (side by side) and the wheels are very small, so not easy to maneuver and this pushchair is too wide for the pavements I have here. I tested it and was not convinced. The toddles are too much tightened : they are clamped in their seat.
With my powertwin, I go everywhere and the Leebruss is just a little bit larger. The longer is not a soucy for me.

Concerning the weight of the pushchair, my toddlers weight now around 10 and 9kgs, so plus the pushchair, it will make around 40kg... nice for my little arm'muscles

Patti70, you said also that the raincover is not nice. I am not sure i understood. Is the raincover too small with the seats and the toddlers are not well protected ?
You also said that windows are missing. If a toddler cries or whatelse, we need to put off the raincover, that's right ? Gemma, maybe you can explain me.
The raincover is usefull here, I live in Jura area (if someone knows France, it is between Lyons and Geneva (in Switzerland !))and the sun does not shining everyday

So I am waiting for the pictures and if someone or Gemma have other comments, they are wellcome.

Take care

g4grapes Thu 26-Mar-09 22:40:59

Hi Delphine

I will take a lot of pictures at the weekend and email them on Sunday if that is ok.

As I said before I love it, but it has some faults, it is long, and you have to remove the seats to fold it. If this does not worry you then it could be a good buggy for you.

Your english is certainly much better than my french, and I understood very well.

Expect my email soon

Take care


Delphine18 Thu 26-Mar-09 13:25:07

First of all, sorry for my bad english writting. You will understand.
I am a French twin mother (a boy & a girl), they are now 10 months old. I live in France.
I am also interested in the Leebruss Zoom (or ABC design zoom in Germany) but we cannot find this pushchair in France, so I will have to buy it by a German or Ok website that delivers in France.
I cannot find any comments on this pushchair, so I am very happy to find you.

I would like to thank you for this topic and Patti70 for all the information you gave.

I have for the moment the Jane Powertwin. But the baby who is on the back seat always puts kicks on the front seat and cannot see the road without bending himself on the side. And aslo there is no room for the legs.

when I saw the Leebruss zoom, I already fell in love. The design is wonderful and we can fix the seats face/face or face the mother and I find this great.

I also sent email to ABC in Germany asking different questions and they replied me the same day.

I wonder how were the 3 positions of the seat and Patti you said that it is almost horizontal. That's great for a sleep.

I would like to know if someone could send me by email some pictures of the seat in the 3 different positions, with a or 2 babies in the seats, because I cannot manage to imagine how it could be.
On my powertwin, only the back seat can be horizontal, the front one is nearly vertical (even in the 2nd position and my babies cannot sleep)

My email address is

I hope you understand me and thank you again for your help.
Take care

g4grapes Tue 24-Mar-09 22:57:02

Dear Sarah,

Will try to get some pictures to you soon, but am not too hot with these things, so may have to be after the weekend when DH has had a chance to do whatever needs to be done with computer/camera pairing!! I can tell you that we have found to get both carrycots attached they need to be facing away from each other, ie one towards you and the other towards the pavement if that makes sense!

Do you know what sexes your twins are? I am more enthused about having had the twins now they are sleeping through the night and the are starting to coo and smile!

Caroline - Have yours arrived yet? Sorry this has taken so long, but things have been bery busy here. Number 1 daughter has turned into a "biter" at nursery, which has led to some interesting talks with her teachers! I will check here each time I log on from now on, usually don't get much time to myself. If you want to contact me my email is I hope you are managing ok, with support and stuff, have you joined TAMBA? Also if there is a twins club near you they might be of support. Or you can always rant by email to me, I don't mind! I might even be able to offer some advice, if you need any!

Take care
Gemma x

MrsWeir Fri 27-Feb-09 16:05:21

Sorry girls my email is the other one is innactive

MrsWeir Fri 27-Feb-09 16:02:36

Hi girls,
I'm due my twins in May and was wondering if any of you would be willing to send me some pics of the leebruss zoom with the carrycots attached. Also how is the pram to get round shop? my email is

Thanks Sarah

Patti70 Tue 03-Feb-09 13:51:36

Sounds like your doing well, must be such a relief to have family near by. DH is in army so nearest family (his) are 3hrs away!!
Luckily we're having a boy & girl, or so they keep on telling me!!! So shouldn't be that hard to tell them apart.
Got our scan next week so we should know more about whats happening then, I can't wait now am getting so big and uncomfortable just wish I could fast forward to next wed!!
Hope the feeding gets better for you, love to the bubbas
take care Carolinex

g4grapes Tue 27-Jan-09 23:19:56

Hi Caroline

My brother (doesn't have any kids) thinks I am super human, I tell him that the birth was the easy bit!! The babies are 8 weeks on Friday, has gone very quick as my husband and I both ended up with flu over xmas, and he has only gone back to work today! At the moment it is still a little bit erratic, but they seem to sleep for between 2 and 4 hours, the norm being 3 ish! Am very sleep deprived as I don't do well being woken up! Also they are co-bedding which helps them to sleep better, but means that if one wakes early, you have to get them out of the crib quick before her thrashing wakes the other one! Today I put too high expectations on myself so found I didn't get done all I wanted to, then my 2 year old came home from nursery and it all went a bit downhill! Luckily my Dad doesn't work so he stayed for a while, and took Charlotte out to keep her occupied. I can deal with the twins on my own, or Charlotte, but not all three together, although logic tells me this will improve, I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel as yet.

Alex (now) the smaller one, seems to possett from her nose regularly, which I am taking her to the doctors about tomorrow, as my Dad has a cleft palate, and although her hard palate is ok, and the doctor in the hospital very kindly double checked it for me, you can't really check the soft palate. Also some of her feed seems to end up on her chest, and she starts coughing and snuffling. I am concerned she could end up with a chest infection.

Thanks for the info about the car seat bases, will have to check out which ones we have. Am not sure, but you may need a converter for the maxi-cosi base. Having just gone an traded my sporty mazda for a sensible people carrier sad there is more room to manouver so it is still something we are talking about.

Are your twins identical? One piece of advice I can offer is to take similar, but not matching outfits to the hospital, as Alexandra (Alex) and Elizabeth (Belly - thanks to my older child!) weren't identical and I had to keep checking their wrist bands at first. I even ended up with Alex under the uv light instead of Belly!!

Let me know how you get on at your scan, and am thinking of you. Believe me this twins thing is a HUGE adventure!

Take care
Gemma x

Patti70 Sun 25-Jan-09 11:47:10

Jesus, TWO PARACETMOL AND BREECH!!! Check you out!!! So happy everything went well and little ones were a good weight. Am a bit in limbo land at the moment. One of the babies placenta is lying so low that if it doesn't move I'll have to have a CS, it's just a case of waiting til our next scan in 2wks (if I make it that far!!).
Glad your enjoying the buggy, can't wait to use ours. Was going to order the bases from a german website, so emailed the manufacterer, ABC, in germany to check that it was compatible as notice they had changed the name of the carseat (now called Rider). Turns out that the old Rueiss(sp?) carseats aren't compatible with the new bases. You would of thought that Leebruss would of known that! I will try it on one of the maxi cosi bases though, thanks for that.
How old are the little ones now? Have you settled into a routine our are you taking it as it comes?
take care Caroline

g4grapes Sat 24-Jan-09 22:14:35

Also, forgot to add, the buggy is long I have found. I found myself projecting into the road at a zebra crossing, and people tend to try to walk into it half way along as they aren't expecting it to have a front seat. Its definately a head turner, although I wouldn't recommend ordering direct from the supplier necessarily as we ordered ours when the twins were born, had to chase twice for their "next day" delivery, which was about a week or so late, and then they had forgotten to include bits. Received the last piece today! We may have just had a bad experience though!

g4grapes Sat 24-Jan-09 22:10:17

Hi Sharri and patti70
Back in the land of the living!! Twins were born 5/12 both girls (now have three of those, I fancy a change next time!) Both breech, and managed to get a second opinion from a consultant who was happy to try to deliver my naturally, which I did, only pain relief being 2 paracetmol administered a number of hours before by a midwife, who obviously didn't quite understand that I was giving birth, not complaining of a headache, and gas and air, which they made me stop a few minutes before hand because they needed me to push effectively. Was really pleased, 10 minutes after delivery I was having a bath, and we gave a training opportunity to numerous doctors who came a stood to watch!! Not desperately dignified! Sharri - you can't have too much longer, how are you doing? BTW the buggy is v excellent! As versatile as they claim, and wonderful to push. My husband contacted Leebruss, who have now said that the car seat bases come out in April, although I think they might be compatible with the Maxi Cosi bases. They are so light and easy to fit we have bothered investigating too hard at the moment.

Let me know how you get on, as I don't know many other people expecting twins, and it is completly different to expecting one!!

Sharri Sun 30-Nov-08 12:05:05

Hi g4grapes thanks for the feedback, patti 70 has been in touch so I have emailed leebruss and we'll see if there are any stockists in Scotland. I actually think I saw someone pushing the Zoom along the road the other day and was about to stop and ask if I could have a look wish I had now. Re the delivery I also thought I would have to go down the C section route however met with a registrar who has advised not necessarily although my healthboard won't let you deliver naturally without having an epidural, but they will deliver if one is breech. I know the sex of one the other has been in the wrong position at the last couple of scans, I have another on Wed so may find out then! Best of luck it won't be long now, how are you feeling?

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