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Consultant appointment tomorrow, any advise please?

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pollyblue Sun 07-Sep-08 13:32:36

I've got an appointment to see a consultant tomorrow (17 weeks along with twins) and I'm probably being a bit thick here but can anyone advise what he might discuss and what questions I should ask?

I had dd by section at 37 weeks (placenta previa) - is it likely he will suggest another section, and if so, when? I know the consultant (he's operated on me before for severe endometriosis) and he's good but quite brief and to the point, so i feel i should go prepared but as I'm not sure what he'll discuss i'm not sure what i should ask! Bad case of pregnancy brain blush

Any suggestions gratefully received!

hannah001 Mon 08-Sep-08 08:18:38

Just thought I'd reply and not leave you're thread all on its own. I just let the consultant lead the conversation. In my experience they seem to resent being asked questions anyway! You might ask them what their policy on natural birth with twins is though - as my hospital seems to favour c-section in all cases.

ChopsTheDuck Mon 08-Sep-08 08:27:58

Do you want a section?

If you don't I'd be asking about the possibilities of a natural birth.

I wouldn't worry too much, eventually there isn't much difference with all these consultant appointments and usual check ups. You jsut get rather fed up with the amount of them! But you will have plenty of time to address any issues that arise.

penona Mon 08-Sep-08 08:29:25

When I saw my consultant about the same time, she just asked a few questions about how I wanted the birth to go, and then referred me somewhere for the severe hyperemesis I was suffering from. It was a v quick appointment.

I also asked her for the hospital stats on natural v section delivery for twins which she provided at our next appointment. Esp how many people tried for a natural birth but ended up with a c section.

You could ask the hospital policy on what is considered term, mine was 38 weeks (as opposed to 42 weeks for s single pregnancy). So that meant if I hadn't gone into labour naturally, they would induce/section me at 38 weeks. That helped with planning!

Hope that helps. I seem to remember the longest appt I had was the one where I booked in my section, all of about 20 mins!

pollyblue Mon 08-Sep-08 11:13:20

Oh that's good, so I don't really need to go in with a long list of q's at this point.

I'm half expecting that he will recommend a section, as I say he's operated on me before and I get the impression he's not someone who prefers to let nature take its course, so I will ask about the hospital policy on natural birth and how many women acheive that.

Thanks for your replies everyone smile

MarsLady Mon 08-Sep-08 11:21:08

If he suggests a c-birth it will be about 36weeks as they consider 38 weeks to be term for twins.

What type of birth were you hoping for?
You should ask for a copy of their twin birth policy (which they all have despite saying that they don't). Then you can start to work out your options from there.

groovychick2 Mon 08-Sep-08 12:35:39

Pollyblue - Just wondering - how did the apppointment go??? smile

pollyblue Mon 08-Sep-08 19:17:03

Hello, went well enough thanks groovychick2 - it was a bit as I expected, he said as I had a section last time I would absolutely have to have a section with the twins. They will schedule a section at just over 37 weeks, if I go into labour early they will still do a section.

I'm a bit disappointed, because I found recovering from the last section hard, but in a way I'm relieved because that's that decided now, I can make arrangements with my Mum regards looking after dd etc when it happens -I just have to do my best now to keep them 'cooking' for as long as possible!

groovychick2 Mon 08-Sep-08 19:27:54

Do you know the sex of your twins or if identical etc?I see you live in Gloucestershire-so do I!!I found my local twins club very supportive.Some people pop along before they have had the babies.Good Luck!!grin

pollyblue Mon 08-Sep-08 20:33:31

Snap! haha I haven't looked into a twins club but I think that would be a good idea, a friend knows someone with twin baby girls and has said she'll try and arrange for us to meet up sometime.

It looks like the twins aren't identical and with a bit of luck I'll find out the sexes at my next scan, which is at the beginning of October. Did hear the hearbeats today, which was fab - they sounded quite far apart so perhaps they've fallen out in there! grin

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