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What books do you recommend?

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rubles Sat 23-Aug-08 19:59:45

..for my friend who is expecting her twins? I looked in a high street book shop and the only book there was by a certain well known author who is far too dogmatic for my liking.
I'd like to get something for her for either the pregnancy/birth or for the general parenting afterwards.


glamourbadger Sun 24-Aug-08 18:30:50

The book I got the most out of was Baby Secrets. It is written by a nanny and a mum of twins and I found the routines easy to follow, without being too scary. Twins and Multiple Births by Carol Cooper is also a good one for reference. If she fancies a laugh Jackie Clune's book on her triplets is hilarious.

accessorizequeen Sun 24-Aug-08 23:31:45

I've just bought the Carol Cooper book and think it's quite good, covers most topics (bit dry though). Emma Mahoney's Double Trouble is quite a nice positive read too.

bedfordgirl Wed 03-Sep-08 21:11:12

I also thought Emma Mahoney's 'Double Trouble - Twins and How to Survive Them' was funny, very positive and good to read for reassurance during my pregnancy. On the downside, it did seem to assume that everyone who has twins has pots of money to spend on doulas, home help, cleaners etc...
Also, it is very pro-breastfeeding and gives absolutely no advice about bottle feeding. At the time I was trying to find an alternative to a certain well-known author's fascist approach to feeding and would have appreciated some more light-hearted/common-sense advice once I'd given up breastfeeding.

In the end, I used the Baby Whisperer and adapted her techniques to work for us. Learning to identify what each cry meant was a godsend!

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