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Post Natal Depression?????

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fishburglar Thu 07-Aug-08 14:25:09

Hi - I have 15 month old twins and a 3 year old - all boys. I have been coping quite well but am noticing that my behaviour is changing. I am getting really grumpy with them and shouting, even throwing their toys at the wall on occassion.

I suffer from chronic back pain which doesn't help but I am very scared that it will get worse and I hate being like this.

Don't know what the problem is - I am a bit bored with being a stay-at-home mum - every day is hard work and although I love my boys, the days can be dull.

Can't afford to put them in nursery all the time - the twins go once a week at the mo. I just feel isolated and want to air my thoughts...

groovychick2 Wed 27-Aug-08 21:29:47

having twins is REALLY hard work- I have found my patience tested to the limit too.Do you have a supportive partner or someone who could babysit so you could get some "me" time?When my boys were small every Saturday afternoon my hubby would take over so I could "escape".Also the local twins club was a great support.Hope this helps.

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