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Twins on Tour - advice please!!

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bedfordgirl Wed 30-Jul-08 12:58:29

We're taking our twins away for a week in Norfolk at the beginning of August. They will have just turned 6 months and we'll have been weaning for 3 weeks by then.

We have a standard sized Astra, so once the Nipper's in the boot, there's not much space to spare! We've got a top box, but reckon my husband and I will resort to wearing all our clothes to make room in the luggage for everything we need for the DTs!

Has anyone got any advice on what you took/didn't take or wished you'd taken on holiday that really made a difference?

As they're bottle-fed I'll be taking my own bodyweight in formula, plus the sterilizer and loads of bottles. In addition, I'll have to take their food/pots/spoons etc... I've written 2 packing lists - 1 called 'must haves' and the other called 'luxuries'. So far, only the Bumbo's on the luxuries list...

Would really, really appreciate any advice on this subject, especially space-saving packing tips.
Thanks in advance! Bedfordgirl x

NicMac Wed 30-Jul-08 18:28:29

Can you not buy the formula/weaning food/nappies in Norfolk and save on boot space? Can they sleep in one travel cot together? Don't take too many clothes, even if they are a bit grubby no-one will notice or you can go to a laundrette. We took our twins (now 5) aged 8 months on a cruise for a week, I remember taking tonnes of clothes and using very little. Have a lovely time

glamourbadger Wed 30-Jul-08 19:05:27

When our twins were 6 months we bought two cheap single strollers which have been invaluable. They take up very little space in the car, ours fit in the back footwells so the boot is free. The freedom of a single buggy is amazing after months with a huge double! We use ours most weekends, have been a great buy.

Would do a shop on day 1 and buy nappies and formula, if space is an issue there is no point taking these from home.

Enjoy your break!

mel2005 Sat 02-Aug-08 11:28:37

we live in norfolk, i hope you have a great time. if you are going on the beach i would take the nipper as we are quite sandy here. my mountain buggy is fantastic on the beach. where are you staying? i might be able to help on great places to visit with babies and places that are not so great.

bedfordgirl Mon 04-Aug-08 09:30:54

Thanks Mel2005. One of the reasons we chose the Nipper was because it's good on the sand. Seen too many friends carrying their buggies across beaches to make that mistake! We're staying in Bacton (between Cromer & Gt Yarmouth) so any advice on days out would be most welcome. We're going with another couple and their 3 & 1 year olds, so any suggestions gratefully received!

NicMac - thanks for your suggestions. Will definitely get nappies and food when we get there, but their formula is on prescription, so might be a bit complicated to sort that out in advance. The place we're staying at will provide cots, so that's one less thing to cram in! We will have access to a washing machine, so will take the bare minimum of clothing as you advise.

Thanks Glamourbadger for your suggestions. We're definitely going to buy a couple of strollers for use around town now that the babies are a bit bigger.

Thanks for all your help. Will let you know how we get on!

bedfordgirl Wed 03-Sep-08 21:27:50

Back from Norfolk and the holiday was great, so thanks for all your advice. The babies looked like grubby urchins most of the time (weaning + taking not many clothes = orange tinged outfits for a week!), but just having another pair of hands to help out everyday was a joy!
Highly recommend going to resorts with a high 'old biddy' ratio. We felt like minor celebrities as we were stopped by almost every old lady in the street. Felt very proud to be told for the 10th time that day how clever we were to have one of each and how gorgeous they are!

Weirdly - DS was rolling all over the place while we were away, but has completely lost interest since we got back. Anyone else experienced this?

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