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SN poster needs multiple mums help please re: buggy

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cktwo Sat 26-Jul-08 14:55:41

Hi, I need the benefit of your wisdom smile

I need recommendations for a double buggy that is capable of carrying two toddlers in comfort.
DD1 is 3.5 and has SN with makes her roughly the same size as DD2 who is 19 months.

We currently has a double Nipper which has been great but I don't think either of them will fit into it this winter with all the woolies and coats on (DD1 struggled to fit in last winter!).

I'm going to try out a double Mountain Buggy as we have a single and love it. But what have you used as your twins got bigger???? I'd be so grateful for any pointers grin

cloudydaze Sat 26-Jul-08 15:16:03

I have a Phil & Ted's & think it's a fab double as it's pretty much the width of a single buggy. I think it's got the space you require as my children are 2 1/4 and 9 months & the baby is, if anything, a bit small for it.
I tried the double Mountain Buggy & whilst I think it's nice to push personally I just couldn't deal with one that wide - but then I live in London where it's hard enough getting through all the people with a single buggy!

frumpygrumpyhasPMT Sat 26-Jul-08 15:30:02

I've put a link in to ask on the daily multiples thread for you, its here

cktwo Sat 26-Jul-08 18:19:28

I'll have a look at the Phil and ted's. I did get talking to a woman with twins ages ago and I seem to remember her having a P&T for her toddlers.

The width issue is not really i problem for me as we live in a semi-rural location. I need something thats sturdy enough to get up the hills round here, hence I was looking at the MT.

cktwo Sat 26-Jul-08 18:20:57

PS thanks for link to other thread too smile

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