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Did anyone 'know' they were having twins before scan...??

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babyignoramus Tue 15-Jul-08 21:32:55

I'm 8 weeks pg and just have a feeling that there might be two of them in there. No idea why - perhaps its the hormones! Anyone else have this?

freshprincess Tue 15-Jul-08 22:41:38

When I was 10 weeks my DH said that I was having two, he just knew and he was right.

(I had starting showing by then as well tho!)

AngeLamb Wed 16-Jul-08 11:16:21

I had been joking with my husband lots that it was twins, (I wanted 3 children, we already have one 2yr old, and my husband had said we were stopping at 2). I really did think it might be twins, I started showing quite quickly, I was incredibly hungry all the time, and was more tired than I was with first baby. And it was twins - Hurrah!

BroccoliSpears Wed 16-Jul-08 11:21:38

Yup. Absolutely KNEW it was twins. No doubt in my mind.

It wasn't though grin.

piximon Wed 16-Jul-08 11:32:53

Yep, I told DH it had to be twins in there. He didn't believe me till he saw the scan pictures.

glamourbadger Wed 16-Jul-08 12:08:48

No - and still didn't believe them when they told me, I assumed for months it was a mistake!

Leoloopydoo Wed 16-Jul-08 21:02:17

Yes, I even told my sister the day before the scan I thought it was twins, it was still a huge shock when it was confirmed!
I met someone recently who thought she had twins from the beginning, had 2 scans and was told it was only one baby, at 30 weeks she insisted on having an extra scan because she was so sure it was twins, it was only then that they found the second baby (twins are now 20 though)!

minmooch Sat 19-Jul-08 20:56:09

Yes - I believe i had a premonition just as they were starting my scan. I have 2 ds (12 & 11) and had 3 mc last year. Went for an early scan this time at 6weeks+ and she told me she could see the heartbeat and everything looked fine. I asked her to look for a second and she did a double take at me, decided to do an internal scan and said yep there was another one there! No twins on either side of family and these are identical so completely random.

Could not explain to anyone that i was not shocked as somehow I knew - still can't explain it to myself really.

Have my nuchal scan on Monday evening however and am now convinced that they were wrong in the first place and that they wont be there or I am having kittens grin.

curlywurlycremeegg Sat 19-Jul-08 21:00:26

Yes, I just felt bloody awful was violently sick and completely not on this planet! Unfortunatly I had a missed miscarriage of one twin at 12 weeks.

beansprout Sat 19-Jul-08 21:02:54

I thought I was having twins (I wasn't) but then absolutely knew I was having a girl. He wasn't!

tkband3 Sun 20-Jul-08 11:25:32

Yep. I was absolutely sure it was twins, from the moment the test showed a positive result. Told all my friends but not DH, who was having enough difficulty dealing with the thought of a second pregnancy (DD1 had only just turned 1 when I found out I was pregnant). I felt a lot more nauseous and tired and emotional second time around and started showing around 8 weeks.

So at the scan, when the sonographer confirmed what I had known all along, I was still shocked, but not surprised. DH on the other hand shouted 'F*CKING HELL'. And then didn't say another word throughout the whole scan, just sat there shaking, completely drained of colour. When we got home he took the dog for a walk and as he left, he popped his head back round the door and said 'I will come back, don't worry'. But I was still mighty relieved to hear his key in the door an hour later wink grin.

jennyroper Sun 20-Jul-08 20:42:11

Yes, I had a feeling it was twins from wk 6 as was utterly exhausted (more than for my now 19 mth old son first time round), and totally depressed from the hormones. Not depressed about being pregnant, just boring tiny things. On the way to the scan I told myself to stop thinking it was twins as there was no reason it should be and didn;t want to be disappointed if it wasn't. Arrived at scan, saw 2 babies, was still shocked then spent rest of scan not looking at them and trying to get a single word out of my rigidly shocked, uncharacteristically silently sobbing husband. Depression and sickness lifted at 12 wks 2 days and am a happy sunbeam now. Am 19 wks preg with identical twin girls. What a joy and a blessing. Even my husband is beside himself with excitement.
Am exactly the same size as I was with my son tho, have only just started showing but my god it feels like it could grow pretty darned quickly
good luck at scan, hope your baby/babies are healthy

electronic Wed 23-Jul-08 14:55:24

absolutely! i just KNEW it was twins and started telling a couple of people that i was pretty sure it was twins so when the sonographer said, "well firstly theres two" i said "i knew it!" it was a very cool moment plus i was super duper sick (for 8 months!!!) so for the first month i started getting a bit suspicious. plus i was showing very very early.

sashmum Thu 24-Jul-08 16:26:25

Def knew before my scan, even told my dad a week before, just like electronic had a great moment when told it was twins by say yep i know!!

Also puked most of the time and looked like the incredible expanding woman for what seemed like forever.

Wouldn't have changed one moment for the world thoughsmile

clare21 Tue 29-Jul-08 21:59:59

I had a bleed so got an early scan at 8 weeks. She asked if i'd had a other scans and then went quiet. At the end she said, 'well there's more than one'. Quick as a flash I asked 'triplets?' In fact it was just twins, but funny how when she suggested it I was sure there must be three. Very funny to see their swiggles on the screen.

mumoftwinz Fri 15-Aug-08 15:15:37

Weirldy my mother in law predicted it. I thought she was being rediculous!

anjlix Thu 23-Oct-08 15:14:09

For some weird reaons, I asked my doctor at the 8 weeks scan if it were twins. He said no and I was like thank god. He even commented that you dont choose twins. My only reaction was that that thank god I was not chosen. My husband claims he saw 2 heart beats. I told a girl friend on mine over the phone (many miles away) that I was pregnant and she said that she feels I am having twins. I told her there was no way since at the scan there was only one kid. At the Nuchal scan everything changed. The found 2 critters! identical twin girls. The odds of that is 1 in 300. I am the 1! Husband's jaw dropped at the scan and he could not say anything for an entire hour. The scan lady said in a very matter of fact way that that I was having twins as if us humans can have anywhere from 1 to 5 kids at a time!

coochybottom Fri 24-Oct-08 11:54:49

It never even entered my head I was having twins. We had been trying for 4 years so to be pregnant was a shock in itself! I had a Nuchal scan at 12 weeks and thats when I found out.

MrsTittleMouse Fri 24-Oct-08 11:57:40

I've had the opposite. I was flagged as potentially having twins (high hormone levels and twins running in the family), but I have only had singleton pregnancies. DH was a bit disappointed, but seeing how large I get with just a single baby, it was probably for the best.

idobelieveinghosts Fri 24-Oct-08 12:08:45

I felt something was wrong with my 5th pregnancy. I just couldn't get excitied about it, and when everyone said how great it was....i wasn't convinced.

So went for my 1st scan....extremely worried..was lying their for a while and the sonographer said 'are their any twins in your family?'..i replied witha sheepish 'no'...and she then announced 'well there is now!' and turned the monitor around for me to seegrin...the next day every single muscle ached in my body with relief as i relaxed about there not actually being a problem. I have to admit the first thing i thought was Dp is going to go mad! But he was actually very very chuffed.

The next pregnancy i didn't have any feeling or concerns.....i was lying on the scanning table and i could see for myself that it was twins again (was actually triplets but one had died early on)..the sonographer said she was glad i could see for myself as she was thinking to herself 'how am i going to tell this mum of 6 that she was having another multiple pregnancy'. grin i asked for loads of pics of the scan as noone was going to believe me as they had all been saying jokingly. before the scan..aww another set of twins!

idobelieveinghosts Fri 24-Oct-08 12:09:40

Did anyone hear whether the op was carrying twins??

anjlix Fri 24-Oct-08 12:35:02

two sets of twins! swell!

Tami321 Sat 08-Aug-15 11:43:30

Hi this is exactly what I'm going through at the moment. I'm only 8 weeks to date from last period and the midwife have said even tho I did only for one day that it did count as a period. I'm huge and look atleast 4 months compared to my last two pregnancies. Plus I can definitely feel movements over the last few days around my belly button area an just below. Iv now payed for a private scan to reassure myself for Tuesday coming as my nhs scan is not until 11sept. I'm conviced im either further gone or could be twins which would be even more of a beautiful shock as this pregnancy was very unexpected as my children are now 16/12.

Wildflower91 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:47:51

Well my cousin had suggested I could be having twins because, quote 'you've been more ill in the first six weeks than most people are their whole pregnancy'..I laughed this off until my 7 week scan revealed she was right, I keep telling her she jinxed me lol

daisydukes229 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:56:23

Zombie thread

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