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Support belt/ band for twin pregnancy

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MerryMarigold Mon 07-Jul-08 10:32:52

I am getting big and a bit unwieldy (at 21 weeks, oh dear!) and started looking for a support. There seem to be TONS of them around and varying in price a lot. Before I splash out, I am wondering:
a) what's most comfortable?
b) what will last through the pregnancy?
c) are they perfectly safe?

I am currently very 'out front'. I don't have pelvic pain or back pain at all (yet! grin). But the weight is pulling down on my belly at the top and so I do get pain across the top of my belly if I walk or stand for too long. It helps if I link my hands under my belly so I think a belt may be a good idea.

hattyyellow Mon 07-Jul-08 17:04:16

I got referred to the hospital physio when I had back trouble in my twin pregnancy. She gave me elasticated support bands for free, swapping them for bigger and bigger versions as I got huger and huger!

Could you do this rather than splashing out yourself? She might be able to suggest gentle exercises/comfortable positions to rest in etc as well.

I do sympathise, I was all huge bump and I look at photos of me now and think "my poor back"!

Millie1 Mon 07-Jul-08 20:03:18

Hosp physio gave me wonderful corset like contraption which consisted of 3 belts attached to one back band ... had to be fitted and was huge but it enabled me to walk relatively comfortably which i couldn't do without it. Arriva Trio - 5th from top -

Recommend u go to physio. HTH

MerryMarigold Tue 08-Jul-08 09:32:12

Thanks for advice. I have consultant appt in 2 and half weeks so will hang on till then and see whether he can get me a physio appt. I'm sure when he sees my belly he will oblige! (I was very big with my first ds and calculated that I am as large as I was at about 32 weeks with him!!).

hattyyellow Tue 08-Jul-08 09:51:07

Midwife might be able to refer you or your GP?

All my care was at the hospital so the midwife referred me (I think she just grabbed a passing registrar and pointed at my huge bump!) But doctors can refer to, if you do get any pain.

mumoftwinz Thu 10-Jul-08 17:46:01

I had one, dont remember the make tho. It was very helpful in making me more comfy. Wore it constantly from about 30 weeks on.

CuriousB Thu 10-Jul-08 17:50:42

Don't bother with the elasticated belly support bands from Babies R Us, they were rubbish with my twin pg, but I did buy one late in the day - 33 weeks and I gave birth at 35.

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