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Moved into beds - help!!

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JuA Sun 06-Jul-08 13:27:44

My dt's moved into beds about 4 weeks ago - maybe longer it is all a bit of a blur! and they will not stay in them! Any tips?

They used to go down with no problems in their cots - but had to move as they had started to climb out of them. It now takes anything up to 2 hours or longer to settle them and I often end up putting one in the travel cot and leaving the other one to fall asleep wherever they crash - usually on the floor. They have a stairgate so can't get out of their room - yet... - they have tried to climb it but not sucessfuly!

Bedtime used to be calm and straightforward and now I spend half the afternoon stressing about how long it will take them to settle.

Elk Sun 06-Jul-08 13:43:48

HOw old are they?

The thing about beds is that apart from holding them in you can't actually control whether they stay in them or not.

My dd's (5 and 2.6) will stay in bed if they have books/puzzles and music/storytape playing. I try to make the bed a nice place to be which increases the chance that they will stay in long enough to fall asleep.

dd2 was a shocker for getting out of bed and wandering around the house at random times but the cd player has worked for her.

twingirlsmum Thu 14-Aug-08 23:23:31

hi....could you let me know how things are going for you?????? Im going through exactly the same thing now, and my husband is upstairs rebuilding the cots as we speak. our twins hadnt climbed out of their cots, but it was suggested by the health visitor that we move them into beds asap, incase they started climbing out..well so far, (after having 2 yrs of a PERFECT routine thanks =to gina ford!!) we have had the curtains pulled outof the wall (damaging the plasterwork) wardrobes emptied, book baskets emptied) and me being driven round the bend.

What used to be a relaxing time of day is now high pressure for everyone concerned. They are 2 yrs and 3 months and I dont think theyre old enough for a reward chart (dont think they'd understand it yet)

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