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D'y ever wonder how many multiple mums are pregnant......

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shabster Sun 22-Jun-08 23:35:53

Hope I have done this right.....

AbricotsSecs Sun 22-Jun-08 23:42:18

Message withdrawn

shabster Sun 22-Jun-08 23:43:42

Thanks Momma - I panick like mad grin

Cant wait to spend time with my DIL she is so lovely xxxx

Night honey....I appreciate your words.

MERLYPUSS Sun 22-Jun-08 23:47:42

Well done you.
Anyone else around?

shabster Sun 22-Jun-08 23:48:36

Think its just me and thee Merly - why do I worry about doing everything wrong on here?? Im 51 years old for gods sake!!

MERLYPUSS Sun 22-Jun-08 23:49:20

Im going swimming tomorrow. Eeek. I need tips in case they freak.

MERLYPUSS Sun 22-Jun-08 23:51:52

Don't fret pet. You did good.
BTW can you be my virtual MIL too? Mine lives abroad and my mum died when I was 20 odd (shit! you can work out that I'm no longer 21 now grin)

shabster Sun 22-Jun-08 23:52:30

You will be just fine sweetheart smile

OMG my DS4 is still awake...wandering around FGS!!!! Going to sort him out. Better say goodnight. See you in the morning. Enjoyed your company tonight - thank you grin

MERLYPUSS Sun 22-Jun-08 23:53:32

Night Shabs. Kick his butt right back into bed. grin

shabster Mon 23-Jun-08 00:07:06

Awww Merly course I will be your MIL - cant imagine loosing a parent. Really cant. I am lucky mine are both still here - in their 70's but doing good. Im off to bed - Kale Nita (Greek for good night) Sleep tight dont let the bedbugs bite. smile

shabster Mon 23-Jun-08 07:10:20

Good morning girls

MarsLady Mon 23-Jun-08 08:11:45

Ah... I see Shabby! lol grin You did it perfectly! grin

lydle3 Mon 23-Jun-08 08:37:31

Morning Ladies, another thread already !!! grin

Well a quick update, spoke to neurosurgeon and old consultant asked their opinion on whole subject. Neuro said keep draining be aggressive much as you can. Old consultant said no no no to large drains, could cause major problems, but he also said there are 2 types of bleeds to brain, he would resusitate always ! I really liked his attitude, hes lovely, i was sad when we had to change (work load got too big split with another consultant)

What i like about him is his positivity, he said we need to find to find a solution to this problem, noone says this where DD2 is treated at the mo, very negative comments like, we'll just keep her going for as long as we can, theres not much else we can do etc

Anyway with the risk of boring you to tears, i've asked him if he will take DD2 back on his case load he said yes, so just got to break the news to my consultant and my local hospital, they will not like this, but as i said to DP , whatever happens i have to be able to look back and think i did absolutely everything i could.

Oh and DD3 hates special boots, screams when i put them on so back to pyhsio for her.

Dp and i bickering all w.end, not sure why, but better today.

Fg love, love roundup, i feel famous, its like reading about yourself in OK !!!

Shabs, i bet you cant wait for holibobs !!!!
have you room in your case for me ????

Better go and ring local hosp, tell them the news . . . not looking forward to this !

GettingBiggerBird Mon 23-Jun-08 09:36:31

Lydle, you're so brave and absolutely right to stick up for yourself and your DD. Positivity is definitely what you need around you, it must be hard enough coping. And it's not surprising you're bickering with DH with all that's going on. Big hug to you.

I am feeling very relieved having had another scan and seen my consultant, my twins have their own placentas so hopefully I'll be left in peace a bit more during this pg. Looking forward to talking to Mars later this week, I hope...

Enjoy this lovely sunny Monday if you're not stuck in an office like me. grin

MarsLady Mon 23-Jun-08 11:42:10

Hi GBB. Yes you're on my list to call this evening. I've just done 2 births. My early June lady had her baby on Thursday and my end of June lady had hers yesterday! In between I was at a breastfeeding conference. Phew!!!!

Still, all done now grin

Am off to see another twin mum (postnatal work) and will be back later!

It's a truly gorgeous day!

shabster Mon 23-Jun-08 12:44:49

Hiya girls - <<swoon>> Lewis is beautiful....just got home. Em walked into the kitchen and sighed!! While she was feeding Lewis I was like a woman possessed. Washing in, clothes folded and put away. Washing up done. Rubbish out, floor come that was a pleasure to do and my own is a pain in the bum??

Both mummy and baby are doing just great. Dan and Em are taking baby to a surestart center just near their house next week. They have classes on baby massage, and loads of stuff going on for new parents. Dan is on annual holiday while we are away and he is going as well to this fantastic center.

Just let Em tell me all the about the birth and asked how she really felt....she opened up to me and I got all the gory details. I told her what you said Momma and she says thank you.

I am more sure now than ever....All WILL be well..[content emoticon]

TiggerLicious Mon 23-Jun-08 12:53:33

<<Tigger hoovers up and picks up momma's stray nipple tassle>>

Awwwwww shabs I love hearing about Lewis!! You are such a good Shabby YaYa!! grin

GettingBiggerBird Mon 23-Jun-08 12:59:31

Mars - looking forward to talking to you, hope I didn't sound like I was moaning, I really wasn't. I can imagine how tough it is fitting everything in with these babies coming out whenever they damn well feel like it.

Shabbs - will you be my MIL too?

HarrogateMum Mon 23-Jun-08 13:01:55

Hi all....Shabs here I am! Been so busy and not got much to post as got post holiday blues, going back to work blues, going to work in general blues etc etc. Does anyone want to employ someone for 3 days per week in the Harrogate area and pay me lots? Please let me know........

And it wasnt me who started Merly's rumour, I started the one about Lydle!! grin

shabster Mon 23-Jun-08 13:11:02

Hiya HM - good to see you.

Gettingbigger - course I will love, come on get under my wing.... you ok there? Good. xx

MarsLady Mon 23-Jun-08 13:20:36

Of course you didn't my gorgeous! I was rather glad of the reminder actually. Just rying to organise my week which includes 2 twin mums and the 2 mums that gave birth last week. smile

MarsLady Mon 23-Jun-08 13:22:05

<<wonders who she knows in Harrogate... apart from HD of course [phwoar!!!!!!!]>>

Egg Mon 23-Jun-08 14:33:28

Hi girls, I lost track again in a matter of days. Firstly wanted to welcome Lydle to the gang, you sound a very brave lady and am so glad your old consultant has taken your DD back on, it sounds like you and he are on the same wavelength which must make a world of difference at a time like this. You have definitely come to the right place as these girls on here are just fabulous with advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Didn't get a chance to come and say hello to MrsBakerGirl who I met on another thread, I directed her to the last thread and then it got filled up, hope she finds this one as she has same age twins as me and also as Merly [hello Merly!].

I realised at the weekend that if it wasn't for my DD, I would get a full night's sleep every night. DS1 and DS2 sleep through, but DD still feeds twice a night. DS2 has been sleeping through for 2 months but his twin sister is not even close. Grrr. I know it's not all about sleeping through, but I just WANT A PROPER NIGHT'S SLEEP!

Shabs, you sound like the perfect perfect perfect MIL. Em and Dan and little Lewis are very lucky.

Egg Mon 23-Jun-08 14:43:51

Hey here is a clip of ME ON TV last week in the feature about doulas on our local tv. We are not in it until after 2 mins. It is me and my DTs [proud].

MarsLady Mon 23-Jun-08 15:05:07

Fab egg! Those babies are gorgeous! And DoulaUK website given! Brilliant! grin

(You look rather fab yourself young lady!)

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