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tandem twin buggy with travel system

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ellac Sat 07-Jun-08 18:38:20

I am expecting twins in december. does anyone know of a good tandem twin buggy plus car seat system? preferably with car seat bases?

Rattiekins Wed 11-Jun-08 21:56:56

If you want a tandem one there are several going on the TAMBA website currently. It is a good place to pick up things for twins. They also have a buggy review (which is free to access at the moment as they are celebrating 30 years of exsistence... you usually need to be a paid up member.

Egg Sun 15-Jun-08 07:13:52

Hello. THe powertwin and Twin Two by Jané are tandem travel systems but not with car seat bases. Not sure of any that do have bases although there may well be some out there. I have the powertwin for my DTs who are now 5 months and it is great.

Drovette Wed 18-Jun-08 22:23:54

Hi, COngratulations! I've got an iCandy Pear which is a tandem and can take two maxi cosi car seats (with adapters) - not sure if this is what you mean? Haven't used it a great deal yet (twins now 10wks, but only got it about 4 wks ago), but when I have it's been with the car seats on. It's lovely! The size is great (very compact) and it's not too tricky to fold up. It's so hard trying to find something that does everything you want, isn't it! I've just heard of another one from another mum, called the Easywalker Duowalker. This looks absolutely brilliant, but looks like you can only have one car seat on it at a time. Happy shopping.!

laurz75 Wed 18-Jun-08 22:28:33

Congratulations! I also have the Jane Powertwin. Found it to be excellent and would highly recommend it although you do need a fairly good-sized car boot (was a tight squeeze in a Honda Civic - did go in but with little else). Definitely look on Ebay as plenty of second-hand bargains to be had.

MrsBakerGirl Fri 20-Jun-08 19:56:23

Congratulations! I had twins in January and Mamas and Papas brought out a new twin travel system called the Duette Twin in February, which was a travel system.(I had to have it even though had already bought a pushchair!) It is comaptible with the Mamas and Papas car seats Primo Vagio (which have bases). What is lovely is that the babies are on the same level, they can face you, face each other or face away from you. It comes with pushchair seats but you have to buy the car seats separately. Hope that helps!

dizzydixies Fri 20-Jun-08 20:00:15


have just bought this for dc3 due and dd2
I KNOW its not a tandem BUT its only 75cm wide and takes maxi cosy seats which you can get a base for and carry cots if you need them

just an alternative smile

other than that I had the powertrack by jane and LOVED it and have heard good things about the powertwins smile

congrats on your double bubble grin

Egg Sat 21-Jun-08 15:21:47

Hey MrsBakerGirl, what date were yours born? Mine were Jan 10 smile.

MrsBakerGirl Sat 21-Jun-08 16:04:44

Hi Egg

Exactly a week apart! Mine were born on the 17th January. They were seven weeks early and DS weighed in at 5lb 1oz and and DD 4lb 7oz.

Contemplating starting weaning today! Have you?

Egg Sat 21-Jun-08 19:49:28

Wow almost twins with each other! And yours were great weights for 7 weeks early. Mine were 3 weeks early and DD was 4lbs 11 and DS2 was 5lbs 4 so really close in weights to yours.

I started weaning a week ago (yes they were only 5 months and 3 days or something). DD, who is struggling with her weight and not drinking enough milk, took to solids like an expert and loves them. It took DS2 a while but he is now happy as larry on them too. Am cheating and using Ella's Kitchen sachets as cannot be faffed with peeling, chopping, steaming, pureeing etc for it to be rejected as I have no time to do anything as it is (have a toddler too).

<<<Egg apologies to ellac for hijack>>>

<<<Egg heads off to look at Duette Twin>>>

Must get back onto the multiples thread as I saw your name crop up over there, will pop over and chat there.

MrsBakerGirl Sat 21-Jun-08 20:12:28

Hi Egg

I can't believe it! I think we are twins!

My DD is also struggling with milk feeds - finding it quite stressful. Often only 3-4 oz a feed and usually associated with quite a bit of crying. My son is caning 8-9 oz a feed. She is almost 13lb and I am amazed she has stayed on 50th percentile. He is 16lb and on the 95 percentile.

I did try some rice today and she screamed - but she was tired. DS eat the bowl I had prepared for both of them! Hopefull she will be ok when try tomorrow.

Only just started using these threads - where do you suggest moving too or could start new thread? What is the thread etiquette?

What are Ella's kitchen sachets, where can you get them? Sound great!!!!!!

Egg Sun 22-Jun-08 07:52:34

Was going to move over to the multiples d'y ever thread which you have introduced yourself on already (the one about Shabs and Lewis in the title), as that's the regular multiple mums chat thread (it moves fast though so hard to keep up!).

here is a link to the other thread, although it is nearly full (they wont accept messages after 1000 posts) so will be a new one soon, if you go to topic list and choose multiples the most current thread will always be near the top of the list.

My DD is prob about 12lbs now, she really struggled for a while, now she seems happy, just doesn't drink much, also averages 4 or 5oz each feed whereas DS2 averages 9oz and has 13oz before bed! I think he is also about 16lbs now, will have to get them weighed again. DD still has to be fed at 10pm, and then wakes about 3am, whereas DS2 feeds at 6pm and then not again til 6am.

littleboyblue Sun 22-Jun-08 08:02:51

Just to go back to the pushchair thing. I've been looking at the icandy pear and the duowalker, but can't find any prices for them!
Will prob be out of our price range but would like to consider both of them. Any of you ythat have either of these, do you mind me asking how much they are?

littleboyblue Sun 22-Jun-08 08:02:51

Just to go back to the pushchair thing. I've been looking at the icandy pear and the duowalker, but can't find any prices for them!
Will prob be out of our price range but would like to consider both of them. Any of you ythat have either of these, do you mind me asking how much they are?

Egg Sun 22-Jun-08 09:28:29

icandy pear definitely works out expensive, but so does Powertwin and many others. Will have a look and find a link for you.

Egg Sun 22-Jun-08 09:34:10

Hmm for some reason the site is not working, but have copied and pasted info that I was emailed last October. This is from Olivers Babycare.


Thank you for your enquiry on the iCandy Pear, we are expecting to have a model on the shop floor during November

The Pear can be purchased as a double seat unit with the chassis at £479.99

If you have the single iCandy Apple you can purchase a conversion kit at £249.99

Carrycots are available for use with twins you would need an upper and a lower cot or for a single new baby the upper carrycot will be required.

£69.99 upper carrycot

£64.99 lower carrycot

The chassis can be used with the Maxicosi CabrioFix infant car seat or seats these will require adaptors an upper for a single new baby and both for twins

The adapters are £24.99 for the lower car seat

£22.99 for the upper car seat

Optional base for the Cabriofix is available for ease of fitting into the car, the Isofix version EasiFix is £89.99 and the seat belt option EasiBase is £59.99

Optional Accessories with a choice of colours, Red, Blue, Pink, Sand, Yellow

Cosy footmuff £49.99

Parasol £24.95

Seat Snuggle £19.95

littleboyblue Sun 22-Jun-08 10:33:03

Thank you for going to all that trouble Egg, but as I suspected a little out of our price range. It is nice though.

So is that just the unit for £250 without any seats?

Think it back to the drawing board!

Becky1973 Fri 04-Jul-08 11:14:03

HI I have 14 weeks id girls and we have a jane powertwin pro and its great as yo can lift the car seats on and ogg with one hand!!! It is a delight to have and some of my frieids who have a side by side one are enviuos at the ease of the thing!!

Good luck

moptop Wed 09-Jul-08 20:50:31

I want the same thing! Plus, something that takes a Buggy board.

The duowalker only takes one car seat.

The Jane powertwin and twin two have car seat bases coming out (for the new stratas, not the rebels) in October at the earliest.

The Zoom car seats don't have bases.

As far as I can make out, that only leaves the Icandy Pear with Maxi Cosi seats (the whole package will cost around £900 including 2 seats and isofix bases ) or.......

the Graco Quattro Tour Duo - like a tank (apparently) and bases aren't isofix but it's half the price.

Not much choice for us twin (-to-be) mummies.......

glamourbadger Thu 10-Jul-08 21:25:45

I love my Jane Powertwin, fantastic buggy and very versatile. I didn't rate the carseats though, they were difficult to get in and out of the car and never seemed all that safe. I have an older model though - they have probably improved! Worth taking for a testdrive.

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