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Peaceful Shopping

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RoseAnne Sat 04-Jan-03 22:22:54

Being the proud owners of two delightful 3 month old twin girls, we are quickly finding shopping a nightmare. Whereas at first it was lovely to stop and chat to everyone who cooed, it is now becoming VERY annoying. Rather than shopping being a pleasant relaxing time, we now have to race round, eyes down, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Other than putting up a sign on the buggy, stating age/sex/weight/idential or non identical/sleeping patterns/feeding patterns etc etc, and a note saying "please do not ask parents" what else can we do??

How do the rest of you cope?

Eulalia Sat 04-Jan-03 23:06:24

Do you dress them the same? If so try dressing them differently and they won't be so eye-catching. I know how it feels but from the perspective of being a twin myself. My sister and I got sick of all the questions and being assessed and compared. Because of this I rarely talk to parents with twins, just a friendly smile is enough as indeed I do with most babies/children.

Rhiannon Sun 05-Jan-03 09:33:44

The 'gloating' will stop at some point so enjoy it while you can. You don't go to Lakeside do you? You're not the lady with the black twin 3 wheeler? Saw twin girls in one of those last week, they looked so adorable I'm not surprised people stop.

Why don't you say, sorry we're between feeds got lots of running around to do while we've got a spare half hour? R

kkgirl Sun 05-Jan-03 10:08:35

As Rhiannon has pointed out it will stop soon, especially if there is a difference in weight. Also you could try getting a trolley each and putting them in that, people won't realise then that they are twins.
Other than that like you said keep your head down and just answer them quickly and move on.
A girl in our twins club had bad PND and was out shopping when someone remarked "Oh twins how lovely". She said "You have them then if you think they are so lovely".

helenmc Sun 05-Jan-03 10:23:24

Roseanne - I know that feeling my non-identical dds are 5 1/2 now. If I had a pound for every-one who stopped and said 'double the trouble'. It stops when they get to 18mths, suddenly people don't stop and ask, and then you start missing the attention!!!
Is there any-way you can leave one with a friend or dh, or just end up taking 8 times longer and enjoy the attention (and play the game of how manu different answers can I give) or do as much as you can by phone/internet.
Enjoy the peace and quiet before they get mobile ...that when the real fun starts

suedonim Sun 05-Jan-03 16:25:01

Would it be possible to carry one in a sling and one in a single buggy (may you can borrow one?) so they seem less obvious?

I've just been to see newborn twins, one of each sex, and they were *gorgeous*. The boy was the tiniest baby I've ever held, at 4lb 13oz, smaller than the doll DD had for Xmas. Mum and dad were preparing for their first outing so I won't tell them about this thread, lol!

RoseAnne Sun 05-Jan-03 17:09:06

Thanks to all for your comments - I was hoping that it would all stop soon (so yes, we will try and make the most of it while we can), and it clearly will. I will certainly try putting them in a different trolly when they are big enough for those.

Rhiannon - no I don't go to Lakeside (assume you mean the place in Surrey?), but do most of my shopping at M+S at Camberley.

Helenmc - please don't tell me it's going to get worse?! I was hoping to train THEM to do the shopping when they are fully mobile.

We did have a couple of other ideas: dot their faces with red face paint (that should ensure a 2 metre radius of peace and quiet) or reply "No hablo Ingles" and hope they are not Spanish :-)

pop Fri 10-Jan-03 14:22:16

Roseanne - I totally know what this feels like too. I have 7 month old identical girls and as I also have a 3 year old I have to take the opportunity to go shopping when he is at playgroup etc - this means I am dashing around but I cannot do a big shop cos everyone stops to look. I find that I do feel really proud but some people say things like 'are they twins' which I find really funny as even dh has a problem telling them apart!! I dress them the same purely because they are still wearing clothes we got as gifts etc and they are usually 2 of the same. Good luck with the shopping - I have found the solution for me - I do a tesco shop online which I find absolutely fantastic. I think my son thinks that the 'tesco man' is some kind of magical figure 'cos every time we run out of anything I say 'never mind the tesco man will bring more'!!!!!! GOOD LUCK

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