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Birth stories

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alex2 Fri 20-Dec-02 12:15:04

Has anyone got any good birth stories for twins. My close friend is expecting and is getting a bit disheartened by all the potential labour complications and doctors pushing her towards a c-section - she was hoping for a natural birth. Thanks.

helenmc Fri 20-Dec-02 13:51:04

I had to be induced at 39 weeks, had an epidural (just in case...but it was wonderful) had 2 hr 45 mins labour.dd2 was 6llb 15oz and dd3 was 6llb 15 1/2 oz breech. and 2 stitches.

Tortington Fri 20-Dec-02 20:57:01

natural birth!!!! good luck

i had an epidural - you can keep calmish watch telly, ask questions etc.

the labour was long they were 13 mins apart, twin two turned at last minute from breach. they wernt early, they were 6.6 and 7.5
one went to scbu straight after, they both went in ventalators- twin one for a very short while.

advice i would give - i told the hospital i didnt want trainees, however they peered in the window and crowded round the door - so put it in writing, make sure your midwife knows.

be prepared for the amount of people in the room, there will be a lot when it comes to giving birth, i had a midwife, both twins had a midwife, three doctors and ancillories the room was pretty full.

good luck

Min Fri 20-Dec-02 22:03:29

I had a natural birth for my twins although they were my second pregnancy (the first was a natural birth too). They were also 7 weeks premature but completely healthy and a good size (ds2 was 5lb and dd was 4lb breech).

suzeg Mon 20-Jan-03 20:55:39

I had a wonderful birth story with my boy twins (now 2 and a half), infact am worried about doing it again in case its not as great ! I gave birth in the US as we were living htere at the time, and the key thing that I think contributed to our excellent experience was that my expectations were correctly managed from day 1. I was advised to keep all options open, and not to get too wedded to any one scenario. Happily for me, both babies were head down and having been in active labour for 9 hours, and having had an epidural (standard proceedure there, incase intervention was required in a hurry .... and I wasnt going to argue !) about half way through, the babies arrived safely, naturally and in very good shape (one 6.5lbs and the other 6.13lbs). I gave birth in the OR, having done 95% of the labour in a labour room, which was again a precaution just in case. I had time to rest up between the births, an dthe second one was a walk in the park as the doors were open and all I needed to do was push a couple of times and he was out. There were a lot of people in the room, but music was playing and I had a fantastic epidural which meant I could feel enough to push with the contractions, and not simply be numb. All in all I can say that it was the best thing I have ever done, and I was wheeled out saying that I'd do it all over again.
Of course there are many scenarios when it makes sense to go for the C-section, and your doctor should talk you through all that, but if the babes are in the right place, and you are in good shape then there is no reason not to proceed with a natural, but with all the back up should things change at the last moment. Just keep your mind open and in the end - the bottom line is that you want your babies out and in one piece, and if you dont build your birth experience up to be something that is about you, and concentrate on the fact that it is about the safe delivery of your child, then it wont matter how that happens, just that it happens. Good luck and having twins is an absolute JOY !

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