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twin sling- any good?

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victoriagirl Mon 28-Apr-08 14:04:22

I've just seen a twin sling on and wondered if anyone had ever used one, and if so, what their thoughts were? Thanks

breadandroses Fri 02-May-08 11:07:46

Don't know about that but you can just use a long wrap and sling one on the front and one on the back. Though you need to leave plenty of time to get where you are going cos everyone will stop you to coo over them.

MarsLady Fri 02-May-08 11:10:52

or you could use the wrap and wear them both at the front, esp in the beginning! grin If it's the twin sling that I remember I wasn't keen on it. I didn't have one but it looked so ugly and I didn't think it would have a long life iyswim.

electronic Mon 12-May-08 08:25:38

i use two slings tied on the front double barrelled or sling one and carry the other and my twins combined are 17kgs and with slings that still feels ok, def getting harder tho. i've got the slings.

electronic Mon 12-May-08 08:27:16

but they are just one long piece of unseamed/unsewn piece of fabric so you could easily make one cos they're not that cheap.

victoriagirl Tue 13-May-08 12:07:02

Thanks- that's really helpful. Any tips on how to tie a wrap/sling and wear them both at the front- not sure how to do it? That would be really useful for me- particularly for trips to the doctors.

electronic Fri 25-Jul-08 10:42:56

i've just seen your post from MAY and you prob don't need the tips anymore but to wear them both on the front, just tie one sling on skewiff to one side (almost on your hip) as you would tie it normally, then put one baby in, then tie the other sling on top of the other one, also to the side (but the other side LOL!) and then pop the other baby in. OR for short trips i sling one off to the side of me and carry the other in my arm on the other side (saves less huffing and puffing putting babies and slings on but not so good for longer walking trips).

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