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What extra equipment do you need for twins?

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alex2 Wed 18-Dec-02 13:22:59

A friend is expecting twins in Feb. She's asked me what she'll extra equipment she'll need for twins. I've suggested a swingy chair but otherwise I'm at a bit of loss as to other things/ quantities of things she'll need, only having had the one. Can anyone with experience help?

willow2 Wed 18-Dec-02 18:28:38

A nanny?

That's not a lot of help is it?

helenmc Wed 18-Dec-02 18:28:43

2 kettles , 2 sterlisers and bottles and bottles ( I did bf my twins for 4 1/2 months and then they went to a childminder). If they can afford to get (and run) a tumble drier is wonderful, then you won't need double quantities of babygros and vests. Obviously they will need 2 coats, 2 car seats, 2 high chairs . I slept mine top to tail in a cot or one in a swinging crib and one in a big silver cross pram. I think TAMBA do a wonderful booklet about what you'll need,Hope your friend has a wonderful pregnancy.It really is double the joy

bundle Wed 18-Dec-02 18:30:31


Min Thu 19-Dec-02 12:41:36

I agree with helenmc about a tumble drier - it's made a huge difference to me (with twins and a 3 yr old). I also got an extra steriliser and a double buggy. I squeezed both babies into my single pram for the early weeks and they also shared a crib. I accepted all offers of hand-me-downs so have hardly had to buy any extra clothes. Apart from the essentials (i.e. an extra car seat) it's a good idea to wait and see how it goes before rushing out to buy extra stuff.

alex2 Fri 20-Dec-02 09:38:26

Thanks for those ideas, I'll pass them on. She's wondering whether she'll need a playpen - so she can put one in safely if she has to deal with the other. What do you all think?

elliott Fri 20-Dec-02 10:19:33

alex2, I wouldn't think she'd need that for ages (if she decides it would be useful) - not till they're mobile. I did know of one mum of twins who found an electric swing really useful in the early weeks to keep one twin happy while attending to the other - they're not cheap but I can imagine might be the kind of thing its worth seeking out at this stage.

Min Fri 20-Dec-02 21:57:43

Previously I used a travel cot instead of a play pen for the odd times I needed somewhere safe to put ds. My twins are 10months now and I'm just getting to the stage of wondering about a playpen but will use the travel cot again for the time being.

suzeg Mon 20-Jan-03 21:29:57

Borrow as much as possible as long as you dont mind if it doesnt match. Especially the stuff they will only use for a short period of time - like moses baskets, and swing chairs. Things worth buying that you will use alot and/or for a long time, are cots, highchairs, carseats(altho you could probably borrow the ones they use in the beginning - you know the ones with handles that face backwards) and invest in the next stage up which thye get to surprisingly quickly. I would recommend putting hte babes in the same cot to begin with and then buy a second when they get too big. Dont buy a changing table as you cant keep a hand on one, while the other disappears out the door. On playpens, just get good gates that go across doors, and then will go across your stairs, best way to isolate them, and get dual use out of the equipment. Travel cots - definately two, I am still using mine ! (but one was second hand from a friend who'd finished having babies). Lots of bottles and bottle warmers, and a big pot to sterilise in are good. Also industrial quantities of things you dont want to borrow (or for that matter pass on when you are done) - like bibs, muslins, vests, basic babygros, nighties. Definately a double buggy, but you might also use Baby Bjorns for the first little while if you have dad around. A few changes of sheets are useful too. If anyone offers you a present - a couple of months worth of Pampers is a good one, altho bear in mind tha tthey grow - so dont stock up on a size that they wont wear for ever ! And formula is expensive so buy in bulk once they are settled on one kind that they like and tolerate well. Someone also gave me a big glass pitcher with a rubber lid for keeping boiled water in the fridge in - wonderful present as one is always making up bottles and not wanting to wait for water to boil then cool.
I am rambling - but to sum up the things I am still using are the travel cots, my cots, the double buggy, stairgates,and used my basic IKEa highchairs for ages. Best things I borrowed were moses baskets, swing/bouncy chairs, excersaucers, those bouncy things that attach to the door frame, a nappy disposal unit, baby baths. Good luck to her. Its fab.

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