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shouldknowbyfriday - are you around?

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mears Sat 19-Apr-08 17:48:41

Have you name changed and still on MN?

Want to update you on evansg01

mears Sun 20-Apr-08 01:08:56

bump. Anyone else know?

ShouldKnowByFriday Tue 13-May-08 00:22:58

Oooooooooooooooh, good news I hope. I haven't been on line for ages as sooo v busy and working as well. Tell me Evan's good news, I do think about her and hope.

And Mears, thank you for the message.

mears Sat 17-May-08 05:26:09

Hi SKBF - missed your reply.

Evans has 3 week old twins, a boy and a girl. She was fortunate to receive Scottish donor eggs smile.

She delivered at 38 weeks by elective CS, 1st babe was breech. Her wee boy was 6lb 13oz and her wee girl was 6lb 4oz. They are all doing well.

I will let her know that you are still around - I am sure she will want to let you know all about it.

evansg01 Sat 17-May-08 15:00:55


I'm so pleased you responded to my sisters post. She has given you the key information that I'm now a mum to a boy and girl. She was slightly wrong in that our donor is English but went to the clinic in Glasgow to donate eggs for us. We were so lucky because I got chatting to the donor on another fertility site. After exchanging lots of posts she offered to donate eggs for us, she was 25 and may need fertility treatment in the future if her husbands vesectomy reversal doesn't work. We have not met the donor but have kept in touch until the babies were born. It will be up to Thomas and Katie to decide if they would like to meet her. During the treatment we also got a third embryo which has been frozen so there is the potential for a third child.

So far motherhood has been a little hectic, the main problem has been trying to crack breastfeeding. I've come to the conclusion I'll not be able to exclusively breast feed them so they will be getting a mixture of breast milk and formula. Both babies are unique and I'm starting to work out their little quirks.

How are you doing with you much larger family. How have you manged with your twins plus your other two children?

Bye for now G

mears Sun 18-May-08 13:08:21


mears Wed 21-May-08 09:57:55


evansg01 Wed 16-Jul-08 00:05:45


evansg01 Wed 16-Jul-08 00:05:47


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