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big bed trouble with twins

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bexabella Fri 18-Apr-08 20:27:40

help, have just put our 2 yr olds into their big beds, they were sleeping really well now bedtime is sheer hell any thoughts ?

CarGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 20:29:09

Put them back into their cots?

iamdingdong Fri 18-Apr-08 20:31:07

how long has it been? DT1 was a real pain when we first put them in beds but after a few nights she gave in.

bexabella Fri 18-Apr-08 20:53:24

feel that putting them back in cots would be a step back, they can also climb out, it has been 7 nights, have had a couple of gooduns though probabley because they were too tired from previous night to put up a fight. just finding rapid returning 2 abit farcicle, they also find it hilarious which doesnt help.

iamdingdong Fri 18-Apr-08 20:58:54

<racks brains for all the things she's had to do over the last 2 years> have you tried bribery, special new bed pjs, reading them to sleep, egg timer...we read to ours in bed then I sit with them for 5-10 mins, but they are now 4.4, it was longer to start with, it is worthe persevering in the long run. Boys or girls?

bexabella Fri 18-Apr-08 21:05:08

boy and a girl, also have a 4 year old who goes to bed like an angel at 7pm. you are right, I think bribery is the way forward, will commence star chart tomorrow, thankfully they are asleep now after being seperated

twingirlsmum Thu 14-Aug-08 23:29:14

hello, please could you let me know how you got on? Im in exactly the same situation right now and I'm stuck. all my friends are putting their singletons into beds now and having a couple of nights of problems, but my otherwise perfect children have turned into mini yobs, pulling the curtains out of the wall, emptying the wardrobe etc.... and basically egging each other on......please help!!!

kdk Sun 17-Aug-08 19:19:00

God - you have my sympathy - I remember those days only too well - have to say I ended up separating them (b/g - now 4) as it didn't settle down even after a couple of weeks.

Is there any chance of separating yours - putting one in with older sibling/in with you? Even just for a short while?

If you can't do that, maybe what another twin mum suggested while mine were being a nightmare and take everything out of bedroom other than bed/bedding - and if possible put them in sleeping bags - means there is less to get chucked about/played with so may lose interest and go to sleep more quickly?

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