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My sister's having twins and some1 told her full term for twins is 33 weeks!!??

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Mumblesmummy Fri 21-Dec-07 11:31:17

Is that true???

I'm pregnant too, but I'm having only one baby so I've no idea about twins, and obviously intend to carry my little one until 40 weeks.

Really surprised me that someone has told her 33 weeks for twins... is that normal? She's having a C section by the way.

She's clueless in every possible way and usually comes to me to ask me questions as I'm further on than her.. but I'm stumped this time.

Any opinions are very welcome and TIA smile

DarrellRivers Fri 21-Dec-07 11:34:20

Often Twin pregnancies are slightly more risky so sometimes they do tend to deliver earlier either as a result of premature labour or problems re growth, but as a general rule they will aim to keep the twins in-utero until 38 weeks at least.
33 weeks is not the general rule

Mumblesmummy Fri 21-Dec-07 11:38:48

Oh good, I was just thinking that twins will be tiny anyway let alone if they came out at 33 weeks, they'd be titchy!!... the concept worried me a little.

Thanks darrellrivers smile

Sidge Fri 21-Dec-07 12:07:18

Haven't got twins but tell her about TAMBA

Mumblesmummy Fri 21-Dec-07 12:12:20

oooh fantastic. I'll tell her. Thank you!! smile

ChopsterRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 21-Dec-07 12:18:46

38 weeks is the date they aim to get you to, but you can still go to 40 weeks or slightly more with twins. I had mine via elective cesarean at 38+5. They won't necessarily be small neither - mine were 6lb and 6lb7 - respectable weights. smile Tell your friend to come and join us on the dya threads in the multiple births topics.

FrumpytheGrumpyreindeer Fri 21-Dec-07 14:58:42

I had mine at almost 41 weeks! grin

C-sections are needed in some cases but its not a given and, IMHO, if she wants to try to birth vaginally (provided theres no problems) then she needs to ditch her consultant and find another who will support her. Plenty midwives are experienced in twin births and doulas too.

FrumpytheGrumpyreindeer Fri 21-Dec-07 15:00:04

Like Kelly (Chopster) mine were good weights. 5lb 15oz and 6lb 13oz. Healthy, kicking, screaming and less stiches for me than my first pg.

throckenholt Fri 21-Dec-07 15:02:26

37 weeks is said to be term for twins - but many come after that - nearer 40 weeks.

Mine (ID) were induced at 35 weeks because one stopped growing.

Most probably make is past 35 weeks I think. Id ones tend to be more risky and maybe have a higher proportion of early births.

FrumpytheGrumpyreindeer Fri 21-Dec-07 15:03:16

Hi throck! Hope life is good in your camp.

Egg Fri 21-Dec-07 15:08:13

I am 34 weeks pg with twins, and they don't seem to be on their way out. I think, having just seen your other thread involving your sis, that she seems to have her head in the clouds a bit (no offence intended, you seem to think the same!). I think I was told / read that 37 weeks is often considered "term" for twins. 33 weeks is pretty early, although unless they have any growth problems they should be a reasonable size by then.

throckenholt Fri 21-Dec-07 15:15:50

<waves to grumpy - will try and make it over to the d'ya thread sometime over the next few days - hope all is well with you too >

devondoris Sun 23-Dec-07 09:06:42

No, no, no! Not 33 weeks!

I had mine at 41+ weeks because I doctored my LMP on the maternity records. They were fine and growing happily and were perfectly comfortable until they wanted to come out. I had non-id, separate sacs, placentas, etc, so it was the safest kind of twin pg you can get. But definitely get a different consultant, and get reading everything you can about the pg that she's got so she can go armed with info about what she wants to do. And mine were 7lb 1oz and 8lb 8oz. They fed well afterwards, slept well and were generally happy. The bigger the baby (up to a point!! grin) the easier it is afterwards.

I'll get off the soap box now!

Mumblesmummy Sun 23-Dec-07 10:22:36

I'm glad to hear everyone's having healthy twin pregnancies, and that some can stay snuggled up in there for nmuch longer than 33 weeks. She's definately set on a 37 week cesarean. Each to their own I guess.

Egg- Yep. Problem after problem. (I've sort of given up with it all now as you can imagine, so I'm uninvolving myself with it).

SantasUnderGodzillasBumcheek Sun 23-Dec-07 10:39:36

Maybe it's a good idea to warn her they might be early - but they aren't actually due any earlier i'm afraid - mine arrived a day over the 40 week due date, and good 'n' large (well, for twins, anyway) to boot.

MerryBiglipsmas Sun 23-Dec-07 10:42:57

one of my ex-employee carried her twins to 38 weeks both were over 7lb each!!

MarsyChristmas Sun 23-Dec-07 11:34:21

Blardy ridiculous! Term is term! 37-42 weeks.

Why is she having a c-birth?

Point her in the direction of the d'y ever threads in multiples. We'll put her straight lol grin

Jambuttie Mon 24-Dec-07 10:42:37

My best friend is currently 34 weeks with twins, they are approx 5lb each at the mo

coldtits Mon 24-Dec-07 10:47:18

My frien's mum went to 39 weeks with her and her brother - they were 8lb EACH!!!

FrostytheSnowNorris Mon 24-Dec-07 10:47:34

Another one here whose twins didn't arrive until 37+3 (elective c-section). I'm convinced left alone they would have stayed in there longer. Thank goodness they didn't though-6lb 8oz & 7lb 3oz as it was shock

BibiThree Tue 01-Jan-08 17:50:49

I was told 37 weeks was considered term when I was having my girls, booked in for an elective c-section at 38 weeks. Ended up having them evicted at 35 weeks due to one not growing. They were 5lb 4oz and 4lb 15oz and narrowly missed going into special care, had to be tube fed for a while though.

ellenbadger Mon 07-Jan-08 09:37:59

I was induced with my twins at 36+4. They weren't that bad weights. R was 4lb 6 and G was 5lb 2. didn't have to go to special care but we stayed in transitional care for a week.

FioFio Mon 07-Jan-08 09:39:15

Message withdrawn

onlyjoking9329 Mon 07-Jan-08 09:43:24

ours we were 34 weeks and were 4.8 & 4.14 has a CS cos i had kidney stones and twin one was struggling a bit.

floppyhat Tue 08-Jan-08 19:23:38

I was led to believe that 50% of twin pregnancies deliver at around 34/35 weeks but what will be will be. I can't praise my consultant enough for his honesty and supporting me throughout. i went to 36+4 had a planned CS due to second twin being breach but that was my choice. As the first twin was head engaged their was no reason I couldn't have trial by labour and all medical/midwifery staff supported my decision what ever is was. Just tell her to have in informed choice. My decision was based on the fear of an emergency section for the second twin and going through both vaginal and CS birth. It turned out the planned section on the exact day was an emergency section due to poor blood work and it was a good job i listened to my consultant and delivered early (never mind method) but all turned out well and my twin girls are beautiful but very hard work. Just tell her to never turn down help, people wouldn't offer if they didn't mean it. It might be half an hour it might be a cooked meal brought round by a neighbour but everything turns out for the best. wink

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