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Twins arrived at 28 weeks

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Tinkerbell Mon 30-Sep-02 12:35:07

My twin dds arrived big time early two weeks ago, at only 28 weeks. I refused to admit that I was in labour and kept thinking that the contractions would go away, so by the time the ambulance got me to hospital dd1 was on her way out. dd2 was an emergency c-section. They weigh under 2lbs each.

They are in intensive care, although I did get to hold them both for the first time yesterday which was magical (all their tubes etc were mainly hidden by blankets so the photos look almost normal!!) and will be there, if all goes well, for 10 weeksm or so.

I need help. Who else has been through this? Some days I feel amazing, others when things aren't going so well are awful. Today's a good day. What do you sing to them? Sing a song of sixpence is driving me mad already! Any good books to read? Good websites? Is TAMBA any help?

They are soooo beautiful and the thought of maybe losing one or both of them is heartbreaking. I want to do as much as I can to help them. There is so little that I can do though. But we stay positive because we have heard so many positive stories and also because they have been doing much better over the last few days.

If anyone has any ideas/advice I would love to hear it. Thanks.

suedonim Sat 12-Apr-03 05:38:37

Tinkerbell, I've gone all mushy inside, reading your message. Even with Imogen's deafness, it's so heartwarming to learn that you've had a happy ending. Best wishes to all your family.

jasper Fri 11-Apr-03 20:50:18

Saka and Beep sound like celebrity babies names!

Marina Fri 11-Apr-03 20:26:43

Saka and Beep sound like a chart act! So good to hear your news, Tinkerbell, I'm really happy for you all.

tigermoth Sun 06-Apr-03 12:01:27

tinkerbell - I very happy for you all. So glad you were able to post. You sound so happy and positive - and busy no doubt!

bayleaf Sat 05-Apr-03 21:51:52

I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye - as with other people I'd half feared the worst as we hadn't heard from you in so long - it is fantastic news to hear that things are going so well. In the scheme of things deafness really isn't such a big deal is it? It's one of those lovely MUmsnet moments coming online on a fairly boring Saturday evening ( trip to a 24 hour Tesco - hey don't say I don't have a wild social life!)to read such happy news

sobernow Sat 05-Apr-03 19:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janh Sat 05-Apr-03 18:56:34

Tinkerbell, I had been worried too that your silence meant bad news, such a relief to find that it was just twinny busy-ness!

Lovely to hear all their news, and about their big brother. I'm very impressed about the b/f! I hope Imogen will be able to have the implants but, if not, think how useful for you all to "speak" another language.

Do keep posting. xxx

Demented Sat 05-Apr-03 17:45:36

Great to hear from you Tinkerbell. Well done on the exclusive b/feeding! Sorry to hear about Imogen's deafness, it does sound as if you have armed yourself with all the information to make the best choices for her though. All the best and keep posting, if you have any time!

bossykate Sat 05-Apr-03 17:43:29

wonderful news!

SoupDragon Sat 05-Apr-03 15:14:27

Great news Tinkerbell

Sorry to ear about Imogen's deafness. Hopefull it will be something you can overcome as you say with hearing aids/cochlear implant when the time comes. I talked at leangth about this on another thread as one of DS1s friends is profoundly dead.

It must be wonderful to have them home and for the record, neither of my DSs loved banana

GRMUM Sat 05-Apr-03 14:31:38

Tinkerbell so very glad to hear how well everything is going.People have been asking after you and your darlings on other threads too.Must admit that I was worried that your silence meant some not so happy news but if its just that you've been so busy then thats OK ! Sorry to hear about Imogen's deafness but I am sure that you will cope magnificently as you have done so far and I'm also sure you'll get loads of great advice here.

Loads of love to you all and look forward to hearing more news whenever you can post. GRMUM

Tinkerbell Sat 05-Apr-03 14:06:27

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Can you believe this is the 1st chance I have had to write since my beautiful girls came home?!?!?!

They were finally allowed to leave the unit on 21st November, after a false start on 18th when we left the hospital with empty car seats - AWFUL. Imogen came home on oxygen but clever girl passed her 24 hour monitoring 9 days ago and at 6 1/2 months old is now tube and machine free!!!! FANTASTIC. Such an amazing day.

I exclusively breastfed them until 2 weeks ago when we started supplementing their diet with a high calorie formula as the hospital is worried about their weight gain. They now weigh in at ... Saskia 11 lbs and Imogen 10 lbs 6 ozs which seems huge to us but is still not enough to keep the experts happy. And strangely enough we have also started weaning them!! They seem so tiny to be having solids but LOVE it, especially banana. Do any babies NOT love banana?

However, the really bad news is that we have found out that Imogen is deaf. Completely 100% on both sides. But it is early days and we are looking into various types of hearing aids to see if anything provokes a response and if not then an implant and if not, then she'll just be very special. We are starting to learn sign language so at least we are feeling proactive.

They are ANGELS and not one day goes by without me melting when I look at them and wonder at how strong they have been and how clever and resilient they are. My ds is in love with his little sisters 'Saka' and 'Imojim' (it used to be 'Saka and Beep' because of her noisy monitor!!!) and his favourite word is 'cuggle'.

I'm a happy lady.

GRMUM Sun 02-Mar-03 15:11:52

I have been thinking of you many times over the past few months.Join Mabs in hoping that all is well with you and your family.

MABS Sat 01-Mar-03 15:04:57

Tinkerbell - how are they doing now? Hope all's ok.

Snugs Tue 12-Nov-02 23:33:22

Brilliant news Tinkerbell Best wishes to you all.

bells2 Tue 12-Nov-02 16:59:25

Wonderful news Tinkerbell. My nephew was only 3lb when he went home and was on oxygen for around 4 months after that. Now a strapping 5 year old.

bells2 Tue 12-Nov-02 16:59:22

Wonderful news Tinkerbell. My nephew was only 3lb when he went home and was on oxygen for around 4 months after that. Now a strapping 5 year old.

JanZ Tue 12-Nov-02 16:27:58

Lovely to get good news like this! Congratulations on the twins' progress - and your positive attitude!

honeybunny Tue 12-Nov-02 14:32:43

Fantastic news Tinkerbell, so pleased for you all after what must have been an emotional rollercoster. LOLove x x x

jemw Tue 12-Nov-02 12:48:07

Thats great news tinkerbell, congratulations, love jemw

mollipops Tue 12-Nov-02 12:28:36

Great to hear tinkerbell! All the best, keep us posted!

Demented Tue 12-Nov-02 09:28:17

Brilliant news Tinkerbell!!!

Joe1 Tue 12-Nov-02 08:43:35

Great news, have fun

Ghosty Tue 12-Nov-02 05:28:58

Tinkerbell, truly fantastic news! Congratulations and I wish you all well!!

Azzie Tue 12-Nov-02 05:24:11

Fantastic news, Tinkerbell - lots of love to you and your family.

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