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Twins arrived at 28 weeks

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Tinkerbell Mon 30-Sep-02 12:35:07

My twin dds arrived big time early two weeks ago, at only 28 weeks. I refused to admit that I was in labour and kept thinking that the contractions would go away, so by the time the ambulance got me to hospital dd1 was on her way out. dd2 was an emergency c-section. They weigh under 2lbs each.

They are in intensive care, although I did get to hold them both for the first time yesterday which was magical (all their tubes etc were mainly hidden by blankets so the photos look almost normal!!) and will be there, if all goes well, for 10 weeksm or so.

I need help. Who else has been through this? Some days I feel amazing, others when things aren't going so well are awful. Today's a good day. What do you sing to them? Sing a song of sixpence is driving me mad already! Any good books to read? Good websites? Is TAMBA any help?

They are soooo beautiful and the thought of maybe losing one or both of them is heartbreaking. I want to do as much as I can to help them. There is so little that I can do though. But we stay positive because we have heard so many positive stories and also because they have been doing much better over the last few days.

If anyone has any ideas/advice I would love to hear it. Thanks.

jasper Fri 11-Apr-03 20:50:18

Saka and Beep sound like celebrity babies names!

suedonim Sat 12-Apr-03 05:38:37

Tinkerbell, I've gone all mushy inside, reading your message. Even with Imogen's deafness, it's so heartwarming to learn that you've had a happy ending. Best wishes to all your family.

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