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Twins arrived at 28 weeks

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Tinkerbell Mon 30-Sep-02 12:35:07

My twin dds arrived big time early two weeks ago, at only 28 weeks. I refused to admit that I was in labour and kept thinking that the contractions would go away, so by the time the ambulance got me to hospital dd1 was on her way out. dd2 was an emergency c-section. They weigh under 2lbs each.

They are in intensive care, although I did get to hold them both for the first time yesterday which was magical (all their tubes etc were mainly hidden by blankets so the photos look almost normal!!) and will be there, if all goes well, for 10 weeksm or so.

I need help. Who else has been through this? Some days I feel amazing, others when things aren't going so well are awful. Today's a good day. What do you sing to them? Sing a song of sixpence is driving me mad already! Any good books to read? Good websites? Is TAMBA any help?

They are soooo beautiful and the thought of maybe losing one or both of them is heartbreaking. I want to do as much as I can to help them. There is so little that I can do though. But we stay positive because we have heard so many positive stories and also because they have been doing much better over the last few days.

If anyone has any ideas/advice I would love to hear it. Thanks.

SoupDragon Mon 30-Sep-02 12:50:59

Sorry, no advice but big big congratulations!

I think Tamba can be helpful as there you are likely to find someone who's been in the same boat as you and come through.

As for feeling amazing one minute & awful the next - welcome to motherhood I guess

Songs : How about Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The Wheels on the Bus is quite good as you can just make up things as you go along (they won't care if there are parrots on the bus going squawk squawk squawk!) and there'a always the "Hush little baby, don't say a word..." song that no one can ever remember the words to.

Websites: How about bliss the premature Baby site?

PamT Mon 30-Sep-02 12:58:19

Tinkerbell, congratulations on the arrival of your two lovely daughters. It must have been a big shock when they arrived so early and so quickly. I hope they continue to make good progress. What are their names?

Both my DS's were special care babies being born at 36 and 31 weeks, though they were both fairly healthy and didn't need too much care. DS2 was worst and had to be delivered early due to my placenta praevia, he needed a few days on the ventilator and then his problems were mainly feeding related. It is very hard knowing that you have a baby in special care and not knowing for certain if or when you will be able to take them home. They never really feel like your baby until the day they are discharged because there are always other people there who know more about their care than you do. Try to get involved as much as possible and build friendships with the midwives and nurses who work in the unit so that you can become more involved. Most neo-natal units also have support groups where more experienced parents can come and talk to you and help you through the difficult times.

You have my greatest sympathy because it is one of the hardest things ever, to walk out of the maternity unit without your baby, knowing that every other mother just gives birth and happily walks out a day or so later (not quite true but it feels that way). I cried and cried when I had to do it and because I'd had a section and also had another DS at home I was limited to the amount of time I could spend with DS2 which broke my heart. Please keep posting about their progress, I'll be thinking about you.

Faith Mon 30-Sep-02 13:00:50

Congratulations Tinkerbell! I haven't been in your position, but can understand what an emotional time this is for you. I am sure that the local Twins Club could offer support. The midwives should be able to put you in touch. If not Tamba will be able to give you a contact.What have you called your gorgeous babes?
Lots of thoughts, Faith

berta Mon 30-Sep-02 13:10:28

Hi Tinkerbell,
Mine came at thirty weeks and were in intensive care for a few days and then special care for 5/6 weeks. It was a long slog and I was very up and down emotionally even though they were basically well but small. I remember sitting there day after day worrying about whether they'd put on any weight today. Cuddling them was great and I'd get them out of their incubator and onto your chest as often as the hospital will allow. I was at UCH and they were very encouraging of this "kangaroo care" - research shows it's helpful for both mother and babies. Get involved in their care as much as you can - cleaning, changing clothes etc - and if you're not and it's not too late, I really recommend bonding with that breast pump and expressing milk every few hours. Providing the babies with breastmilk (even if it was fed to them down a tube for the first few weeks) really helped me feel that I was contributing to their well-being.
Most of all be kind to yourself - I ran myself a bit ragged thinking I had to keep a vigil all day and night when really it probably would have been better to relax a bit and get fit and ready for the homecoming when you'll have your hands full.
As for songs - anything that you like to sing will do - I had a soft spot for "you are my sunshine". I didn't really get involved with Tamba but the MBF have some good literature that's worth reading - hospital may have copies. Not too many books around either, though I noticed one called Your Premature Baby by Nikki Bradford which came out recently.
Best of luck, hang in there and as you say stay positive. Mine are wonderful nearly four year olds now and have given me so much joy.

janh Mon 30-Sep-02 13:22:48

Tinkerbell, like Soupdragon no useful advice, but lots of best wishes and fingers crossed for your lovely daughters.

You don't need to sing just baby songs, or nursery rhymes, anything you know the words of and enjoy singing will be good for them, just to hear your voice - hymns (All Things Bright and Beautiful is nice!), Christmas carols, pop songs, folk songs, whatever comes into your head.

Hoping they get bigger and stronger every day and come home soon. xxx

sobernow Mon 30-Sep-02 13:44:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joe1 Mon 30-Sep-02 14:32:59

Sorry have no advice but welcome to your little girls. My dh always sings Goodnight Sweetheart, the song they sing in 3 men and a baby, works everytime.

Give them a little hug from me next time you are able to spare a hug with them. Will be thinking of you all, love J.

SueDonim Mon 30-Sep-02 14:44:54

Congratulations, Tinkerbell, and welcome to your babies. I hope they continue to make good progress.

NCT may be able to put you in touch with other parents who have been through the same thing, via their Experiences Register. Call them on 0870 444 8707 and they should be able to help.

Best wishes to you all

jasper Mon 30-Sep-02 14:52:08

Congratulations Tinkerbell and I hope it all goes well for you and your babies

Crunchie Mon 30-Sep-02 15:08:46

Tinkerbell, congrats. I went through a similar thing at 27 weeks (only one baby) and can just say that Bliss is brilliant and a real help as a charity (they have a parent support line) and also as someone else said, I found not keeping a vigil day and night helped me cope better.

I was lucky to have my DH there 24/7 as well and we were able to stay close the the hospital (it was 70 miles from home) and this helped to be on hand, but not watching machines go bleep!

I can't give you any real advice as I don't know the type of person you are, my SIL went through similar and didn't leave the hospital! All I can say is to treat thiis time as 'limbo' until you and your family are back home. I went to the gym (!) to the cinema in the day, in fact everything to escape (!) However for me it was because my baby was not really mine and there was nothing much I could do for her, that the Dr's couldn't. Now we are very close and I love her to death but at the time I didn't feel I was a mother.

Marina Mon 30-Sep-02 15:35:42

Tinkerbell, congratulations on the birth of your little daughters and good luck with their progress in intensive care. I really can't offer much advice except on the singing front, where I will heartily chorus with janh - sing anything, they will just be responding to and enjoying the sound of their favourite voice. Ds when small got hymns, advertising jingles, easy bits of opera - his faves were "Swing low, sweet chariot" and "Amazing Grace".
We will all be thinking of you, keep us posted on how you are doing when you have time. Hope you are getting lots of support at hospital and that local twins support can help.

bossykate Mon 30-Sep-02 17:45:07

congratulations and hope everything continues to improve as it has done the past few days!

best of luck

Zoe Mon 30-Sep-02 18:21:37

Congratulations Tinkerbell on your two precious girls

Songs I sang from the early days included "Oh I-I-I-I-I love you ver-ry much" and "Wheels on the Bus" both of which ds loves today.

Every day they are getting stronger - keep us posted

robinw Mon 30-Sep-02 18:23:08

message withdrawn

GRMUM Mon 30-Sep-02 18:39:21

Tinkerbell congratulations on having 2 beautiful girls.You will all be in my thoughts and prayers and hope that every day sees them a little bit stronger and a day closer to coming home with you.Love A x

lilibet Mon 30-Sep-02 18:49:20

Many congratulations and much love to all four of you. I had 'our songs' with all 3 of mine, dd ws 'groovy kind of love' as it was no 1 when i was pregnant and i used to sing it to my bump, ds1 got 'you are my sunshine' and ds2 has ' I will' by the Beatles. Each of them still responds to their song and dd and I still have a hug nearly 14 years later when Phil Collins sings our song. But we are a very soppy family! God Bless all of you and I hope the day comes soon when they are snug and safe under your roof.

WideWebWitch Mon 30-Sep-02 19:13:28

Tinkerbell, congratulations and no advice but hope your babes continue to do well.

Tinker Mon 30-Sep-02 19:22:39

Congratulations Tinkerbell (are we related??? )
I've not beenin your position but a friend's baby was only 3lbs at birth and 8 years later is a strong healthy boy.

I always to sing 'You are my sunshine' or 'Baby Bunting'. I'd sing something you don't have to think about, as long as the tone is sweet, it doesn't matter. All the best.

bayleaf Mon 30-Sep-02 19:25:57

Gosh - I can quite imagine what a roller-coaster of emotions you must be going thru - I don't have any first hand experience but a friend has recently given birth prematurely and the baby's stomach wasn't joined to her bowel so she was in intensive care for weeks and is still now in hospital 8 weeks from birth with no real prospect of leaving - (tho' she is doing really well) so I can just begin to imagine the intense highs and lows you must be going thru.
DO let us know their names and how they're doing,
lots of hugs to both of them

Deborahf Mon 30-Sep-02 20:10:01

Tinkerbell - I've no experience of early births, let alone twins. But congratulations on your dds.

FrancesJ Mon 30-Sep-02 20:16:02

Sorry, no constructive advice, but did want to add my congratulations and good wishes - do hope everything continues well. I used to sing, endlesssly 'moses supposes his toesies are rosies, but moses supposes erroneously'. Anything repetitive seemed to be soothing (to baby, at least). I've heard good things about TAMBA, but don't have any first-hand experience. But the best of best of luck - hope so much that all the days start to be good ones.

MABS Mon 30-Sep-02 20:39:07

Tinkerbell - i can totally understand what you're going through I think. I've had two prems, dd at 31 wks nearly 8 yrs ago and ds at 29 wks - he's 2 next month.

I'm only speaking from my own experiences but for me, having babies in Scbu was like being in the 'twilight zone' . You know they're yours but sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Both of mine were ventilated, and my first cuddles were always attached to tubes.. Please ask me ANYTHING you want, I'm feeling for you sooo much.

Keep strong, the power of positive thinking is an incredible thing. We nearly lost ds twice and time stood still for me , I can remember it now as if it was yesterday. I used to feel useless at the hospital and useless at home - its horrible.

Are you trying to express at all? i found it absolutely hideous and don't mind admitting that I gave up pretty damn quick.

Take care , chin up and a kiss for your brave little babes Love Mabs

(i know of a few good websites - i'll post them asap)

ionesmum Mon 30-Sep-02 21:49:46

Hello, Tinkerbell, many congratulations. My neighbour is a twin and both she and her brother were under 2lbs, and she is now in her 60's. My baby was in Nicu although she was late, and we got to know the parents of the prem babies who came each day to be with their little ones, their bonding, strength and love was quite something to behold.

I sing 'Tuppence a Bag' from 'Mary Poppins' and 'Annie's Song' to dd, and I read her 'Guess How Much I love You'. She also likes JanH's suggestion of Christmas carols.

Lots of best wishes and prayers. xxx

Demented Mon 30-Sep-02 22:22:35

More girls, many congratulations!

Thinking of you, all the best!

anais Mon 30-Sep-02 22:28:27

Congratulations Tinkerbell, and best wishes to your family.

I don't have any experience of similar situations, but I would second what Berta said about handling. Touch has been shown to make a dramatic difference in how babies - particularly prem babies - develop and progress. So take every opportunity to touch and hold your beautiful daughters. Also take care of yourself, as you will need to be at your best when you bring the two of them home!

Thinking of you, keep us informed

Snugs Tue 01-Oct-02 11:36:32

Congratulations Tinkerbell, best wishes to you and yours. Will be thinking of you.

Bozza Tue 01-Oct-02 12:44:26

On the carols front I used to sing "Away in a manger" to my DS. Also Twinkle twinkle little star went down well.

tigermoth Tue 01-Oct-02 13:14:45

tinkerbell, hope the next ten weeks bring lots of good news for you all.

Min Tue 01-Oct-02 13:15:22

Congratulations on your twins. I hope they carry on doing well. I also had premature twins although they were born at 32 weeks and were a good size. They spent their first 4 weeks in the Baby Unit (first in intensive care, then high dependency and then special care) and I felt very torn between spending as much time as possible with them and also with my 3 year old at home. I found I got used to all the wires and tubes after a while although it was difficult initially. My hospital had folders with good information on holding, bonding, kangaroo care etc. Now my twins are 7 months it does seem a long time ago and certainly hasn't affecting my bonding with them.

jemw Tue 01-Oct-02 13:33:25

Congratulations Tinkerbell,

My ds was a premmie baby at 34weeks and in intensive care and scbu for about 2 weeks, (We were at Kings and they were great, where are you?)

As others said, it is a strange time, I opted to stay in hospital but in the antenatal ward where I got a room on my own which was nice for some time away. The nurses were great, v positive and caring without being intrusive.
I expressed milk and spent lots of time talking to the scbu nurses and other parents which I found helpful. Also was not able to hold him for first 3 days due to all the wires which I found difficult. Spent lot of time holding ds hands through the port holes, stroking him etc. Nurses encouraged us to get involved such as nappy changing (through port holes in incubator), washing him, cleaning his mouth out where the tubes were etc, which all helped us to feel we were helping him.

It was definitly days of ups and down, dp found the first few days worse especially as I was not allowed off the ward due to epidural and cathater and he had to go to scbu on his own and be told our ds was seriously ill, it was a terrible shock and he then had to come up to the ward and tell me.

The pressure of it hit me about 4 or 5 days later when he took a turn for the worse and I had a good old cry and the cleaner on the ward came rushing up to see if I was okay!

My advice is sing or say anything, they are used to the sound of your voice and will like hearing it, touching them will also help, find out if there is a support group of other parents.

DS is now 3 and healthy and happy - I look back on the photos of him in his incubator or look at his tiny hat he was given to wear and can hardly believe it was the same child.

WIll be thinking of you and your beautiful girls, let us know how you are all doing and if you want any more info.

jemw xxx

bundle Tue 01-Oct-02 13:40:04

Tinkerbell, congratulations on the birth of your girls..there's some good advice on here re:prem babies - kids songs drove me mad too - and I ended up singing just nice tunes to dd (eg Beatles) - and how cheesy is this: Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong was playing on the radio as she was delivered! I hope the wait for them to be strong enough to come home isn't too long and agonising for you - we're all thinking about you

Lil Tue 01-Oct-02 14:08:51

Oh wow, Tinkerbell, you must feel like you are living in a magic little bubble, out of touch with the world. Its stressful watching them all the time isn't it? my only words of wisdom are to look after yourself, its too easy to forget to eat and as for sleeping??too much worrying to do! Good luck and remember in a few months it'll be like this all never happened.

Kathleen Wed 02-Oct-02 09:36:58

Tinkerbell, my heart goes out to you and I hope you're coping as best you can. My own story had a sad ending but perhaps some hope for you in it. My first little daughter was born at full term 8 years ago weighing 7lbs but was deprived of oxygen during labour. As a result, she was critically ill for two days before she died. I remember sitting by her bedside for every minute of that time hoping against hope for a miracle. The baby unit was full of tiny premature babies, some smaller than your own and I remember saying to one of the nurses that surely she had a better chance of survival than some of them. She replied that no, the premature babies were tiny but all their little organs were working whereas my baby's organs, although fully developed, had been damaged beyond repair. I kept in touch with one of the mums who had a baby born at just 26 weeks and he is now a big strong lad who loves to hear stories of how he came into the world. Good luck xx

Willow2 Wed 02-Oct-02 21:19:57

Tinkerbell - my neighbour was pregnant with twins and then was diagnosed with twin to twin syndrome. Sadly one little girl died in the womb, but the other little one was born early at less than 28 weeks (can't remember exactly how much earlier). She too weighed 2lbs and had to remain in the neonatal unit for several months, although did so well that she came home at least a month earlier than originally expected. She recently celebrated her first birthday and is absolutely gorgeous. The point I am trying to make is that you must not worry too much. Your babies are in good hands and are probably way stronger than you imagine. The most important thing is that you do what is right for you now - keep a constant vigil if that is what you want, but don't feel bad about taking time out to rest at home or enjoy yourself doing non baby things. You and your dp must be under a lot of stress and it is important that you look after each other as well as the babies!! Here endeth the lesson.

musica Wed 02-Oct-02 23:10:57

Congratulations Tinkerbell - I hope everything is going well with the twins, and that you are getting some rest too. How are the twins doing now?

Tinkerbell Mon 07-Oct-02 11:37:58

I thought I would take five minutes today to see if anyone had replied to my original message!!!!!!!! THANK YOU everyone for such lovely thoughts and words. It really has made me feel so much better and very smiley. I will go into the unit today (St Mary's, Paddington) armed with new songs to sing and with positive vibes radiating into their incubators. I can't believe that they are already 3 1/2 weeks old.

We named them Saskia and Imogen. They are both still in intensive care and no bigger than at birth. Saskia is riddled with infection after infection so is not really on my milk properly yet. They have done repeated lumbar punctures (the thought is so awful I just refuse to imagine them doing it to such a tiny little thing) and antibiotics and antibodies are coursing through her veins, so we take each day and each infection level reading as it comes. Good news on her is that she is breathing, for short periods, without any help at all, not even an oxygen prong. Clever girl!

Imogen still needs alot of help with her breathing as her lungs are still very underdeveloped but otherwise seems to be doing well. It's strange that she was the one that gave us so much worry during the first 14 days and how things have dovetailed since.

I have bonded well with the breast pump. I feel that it is one of the few ways I can actually help them, although the hormones kick in every time I start and I get quite upset that I am attached to the mains rather than my beautiful girls.

My dh is being incredible and we are taking a huge amount of strength from our ds who is only 17 months old but is being an angel. We pass him round from friend to relative to friend and he always smiles and waves bye bye as we leave and never seems angry with us when we return.

Timing is so open so we have no idea when (if) they will be coming home. If we get them back here before Christmas then that would be the best present anyone could ever give us.

You've all been so kind - thank you.

sobernow Mon 07-Oct-02 11:48:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PamT Mon 07-Oct-02 12:02:34

Tinkerbell, I'm glad that you are able to talk so positively about the girls. I always found it such hard work when my boys were in neo-natal as it all seemed to be 2 steps forward, one step back. The good news is that they are in good hands and will have more people looking after them now than they will ever have in their future years. I hope they continue to make good progress. I was always told that girls are so much more determined and stronger than boys in the same position, my midwives said that the little girls in the unit progressed a lot faster and recovered a lot quicker. I'm sure that the girls will be home by christmas as they will have gone beyond their EDD then and most prem babies have recovered enough by that point. Good luck and keep up the good work.

ionesmum Mon 07-Oct-02 12:02:45

Sending loads of love and prayers, Tinkerbell.

bundle Mon 07-Oct-02 12:03:27

Tinkerbell, you sound so strong! lots of love to you and your family x

Batters Mon 07-Oct-02 12:17:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigermoth Mon 07-Oct-02 12:25:40

Tinkerbell, it is heartwarming to read your update on Saskia and Imogen, and sorry I had to laugh about you bonding with the breastpump.

I hope your girls keep that fighting spirit and soon pile on the weight.

Best wishes for the next few weeks.

bayleaf Mon 07-Oct-02 12:35:45

Lovely, lovely names - you sound like you're coping amazingly well in the circumstances...

Marina Mon 07-Oct-02 13:14:41

They sound as though they have inherited their mum's positive and determined outlook on life! Hope they continue to hold their own and thank you so much for giving us all an update. Beautiful names too!

ariel Mon 07-Oct-02 13:22:58

Tinkerbell , many congrats to you both. I recently had my son 11 wks prem(i say recently he is 7 months now!!!), it is such a worrying time and im sure you will come through so much stronger, i know when you have such a premmie it seems you will never get them home, that your whole life revolves around nicu, but there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel, and well thats just the start of so much happieness(x 2 in your case), all the very best to you and your family.

SueDonim Mon 07-Oct-02 15:55:01

Thank you for taking the time to update us, Tinkerbell, and I'm so glad the news about Saskia and Imogen is mainly positive. If good thoughts count for anything, then your babies wil be home with you in no time at all. I chuckled at your bonding with the breast pump - does it have a name?? Your milk is a priceless gift to your babies and the best thing you can give them. Wishing you all the best. Sue

ScummyMummy Mon 07-Oct-02 17:19:03

Loads of congratulations, Tinkerbell. It sounds like you and your gorgeous babies are doing fantastically. Nice names. I admire your pumping and coping and love for them so much. xx

anais Mon 07-Oct-02 19:45:31

It's great to hear such a positive update. If your little girls have half their mum's strength they'll be home in no time! Beautiful names. Thinking of you all, best wishes xxx

janh Mon 07-Oct-02 20:17:47

I also loved your breast-pump bonding, Tinkerbell, it is good to hear you sounding so upbeat (I was getting worried by your absence) and I am glad that you and DH and DS are getting so much support all round.

Fingers and toes still tightly crossed, lots of luck to all of you, especially the tiny girls, love xxx

GRMUM Mon 07-Oct-02 20:27:01

Just want to add my best wishes.I've been checking regularly to see if you had posted so it was great(and very inspiring) to read your posting today.Love to you all

Janus Mon 07-Oct-02 20:58:58

Belated congratulations Tinkerbell for your twins. My thoughts are with you all for your girls making a full and speedy recovery. Have fun singing all those tunes!

FifiDella Tue 08-Oct-02 11:11:11

congratulations Tinkerbell, it obviously is a difficult time but you seem to be extremely positive and enjoying the time you have with the girls. How fantastic that your 17 month old is taking it all in his stride too.

someone in our twins club had her twins at 26 weeks and they are now big healthy boys who are almost 4.

try to remember that they are getting the best possible care (I had my daughter and twin boys in St Mary's!) and that you are doing all you can for them. I'm sure they are taking strengh from each other too. keep smiling & we'll keep our fingers crossed for that wonderful Christmas present!

Deborahf Tue 08-Oct-02 11:49:34

Tinkerbell - have just read your update on the girls. They have lovely names. I hope all is going well. You sound so positive and forward looking. Take care.

pop Thu 17-Oct-02 21:43:48

Congratulations Tinkerbell. I started a thread a long time ago I think you had just found out you were having twins then and I have been wondering how you were getting on. I had my twin girls at 33 weeks which I know is a good bit further down the line, but they are now thriving 19 weekers - just onto solids and laughing at everything. When I think back to how little they were - around the 3 pound mark - it is so amazing to see how much they have come on. My thoughts are totally with you as it is such an emotional time - visiting the hospital as much as you can but also having another child who needs you. I have a 3 year old and I found it really hard splitting myself between all of them. I expressed when the girls were in the unit and I totally agree with the fact that it makes you feel like you are doing something when you are otherwise so helpless. Please keep in touch and let us know how the girls are getting on. All the very bestxxx

Willow2 Fri 18-Oct-02 11:07:04

tinkerbell - how are you all doing? Hope everything's ok.

kkgirl Fri 18-Oct-02 21:49:46

I saw a programme at lunchtime today about babies, and there were baby twins boys. They were gorgeous.
I felt quite broody until I remembered that I had been there, done it and bought the t-shirt except I had a boy and a girl.

Tinkerbell hope things are ok with you.

GRMUM Wed 06-Nov-02 13:39:20

Dear Tinkerbell, just wanted to say that I hope everything is going well for you and that never a day goes by without me wondering how you and your babies are.Love to you all GRMUM

Daffy Wed 06-Nov-02 14:31:54

Haven't heard from you in a while Tinkerbell. Drop us a line and let us all know how you are doing. Thinking of you all.

janh Wed 06-Nov-02 15:49:46

GRMUM, I feel like that too but was nervous about asking...Tinkerbell, I hope Saskia and Imogen are both doing fine and getting bigger and stronger, and you're not too exhausted with all the to-ing and fro-ing. xxx

sml Wed 06-Nov-02 19:04:43

I've only just caught up with this thread - many congratulations, and best wishes for your tiny little daughters! Life must be so strange for you at the moment, hope your babies will be home soon.
BTW, my favourite baby lullaby is Bye Bye Miss American Pie - tune almost guaranteed to soothe, hate to think about the effect of those lyrics though!

Tinkerbell Mon 11-Nov-02 17:52:23

Hi everyone. It's been so long since I even logged onto mumsnet, my life has been one long hospital extravaganza!!

The most fantastic, amazing, thrilling news to report is that MY GIRLS ARE COMING HOME!!!!

They stayed in intensive care for 5 long, horrible, touch-and-go weeks and then moved into high dependency in their incubators. Then, one morning, I went in to find them sharing a little white crib, Imogen snuggling into Saskia's back, two babas fast asleep and looking so content. I burst into tears!

They are now 8 1/2 weeks and the plan is for them to come home a week today.

Saskia is strong and growing well (4 1/2 lbs - which seems enormous to us) with round cheeks and a cheeky glint in her eye!

Imogen is still struggling with her lungs so she is coming home on oxygen as they don't know whether it could be a matter of 1 week or 3 months before she can breathe on her own, and otherwise she is doing really well so they don't want to keep her in hospital unnecessarily - hope that all makes sense! She's about 4lbs 3 or 4 now and has enormous round eyes (like my dh)!

They will both probably still be partly tube fed as they get so tired on the breast still and we want them to keep growing well.

So.......panic time!! I have dreamed for so long about the moment they come home and of course I now have the - can I cope / I'm completely unprepared for this / need to buy some nappies for them / where are my ds's little newborn hats that I put into storage and now can't remember where storage is!! - syndrome!!

But feeling fantastic! The hospital keep telling me there is still a long way to go, but I know we can cope with anything once the whole family are together at last.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages of encouragement and support; they have been such a help.

I'll keep you posted.

SoupDragon Mon 11-Nov-02 17:56:03

Excellent news!!

And of course you'll cope - you know you will

bundle Mon 11-Nov-02 17:58:17

Tinkerbell, that is the best news. They sound absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you'll rise to the challenge of being a fab mum, inspired by their beauty and determination. Well done and good luck

ScummyMummy Mon 11-Nov-02 17:59:02

Wonderful news Tinkerbell! They sound adorable and I absolutely take my hat off you for getting through this difficult first few weeks so well. May you and Imogen and Saskia continue to go from strength to strength and the home coming be everything you want it to be. Lots of love and congratulations

Enid Mon 11-Nov-02 18:02:39

How lovely tinkerbell, they sound adorable and I'm sure you'll make a lovely family x E

PamT Mon 11-Nov-02 18:12:28

That's great news Tinkerbell, I'm sure the hospital will have a member of staff who comes to visit you and keeps in touch so you won't be thrust out on your own, this was certainly the case when DS2 was discharged from SCBU. Your little girls will finally be your own, and they won't be shared with the hospital any longer.

WideWebWitch Mon 11-Nov-02 18:28:50

Great news!

bayleaf Mon 11-Nov-02 19:06:04

Was feeling really down aafer reading another thread - this has cheered me up no end - lovely, lovely news - give them a little kiss from us all

GRMUM Mon 11-Nov-02 19:18:17

Absolutely the best news I've heard for ages.So glad to hear that you will soon be all together at home.What little fighters your daughters must be.LOL

bossykate Mon 11-Nov-02 19:31:56

excellent news, tinkerbell!

Marina Mon 11-Nov-02 20:00:19

This news brought tears to my eyes for all the right reasons, Tinkerbell. I am SO happy for you all!

willow2 Mon 11-Nov-02 20:05:50

Yeah Tinkerbell! Was getting really worried as hadn't heard from you for ages - but had my fingers crossed that it was just cos you were up to your eyes in it! Now can uncross them. Soooo pleased to hear your news and wishing you loads of love and luck for the future.

roxie Mon 11-Nov-02 20:50:30

...only just read this - congratulations, they'll come on in leaps and bounds now - lots of love to you all



sobernow Mon 11-Nov-02 21:21:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janh Mon 11-Nov-02 22:46:45

Tinkerbell, that's fantastic news, they're not even due yet! Love the bit about them snuggling up in one crib.

A local paper reported this week on a baby born in July at 23 weeks who has just gone home. What fighters these babies can be!

Lots of hope and love to you all. xxx

SueDonim Tue 12-Nov-02 02:05:15

Tinkerbell, what fantastic news! Enjoy your darling little babies, best wishes, Sue.

Azzie Tue 12-Nov-02 05:24:11

Fantastic news, Tinkerbell - lots of love to you and your family.

Ghosty Tue 12-Nov-02 05:28:58

Tinkerbell, truly fantastic news! Congratulations and I wish you all well!!

Joe1 Tue 12-Nov-02 08:43:35

Great news, have fun

Demented Tue 12-Nov-02 09:28:17

Brilliant news Tinkerbell!!!

mollipops Tue 12-Nov-02 12:28:36

Great to hear tinkerbell! All the best, keep us posted!

jemw Tue 12-Nov-02 12:48:07

Thats great news tinkerbell, congratulations, love jemw

honeybunny Tue 12-Nov-02 14:32:43

Fantastic news Tinkerbell, so pleased for you all after what must have been an emotional rollercoster. LOLove x x x

JanZ Tue 12-Nov-02 16:27:58

Lovely to get good news like this! Congratulations on the twins' progress - and your positive attitude!

bells2 Tue 12-Nov-02 16:59:22

Wonderful news Tinkerbell. My nephew was only 3lb when he went home and was on oxygen for around 4 months after that. Now a strapping 5 year old.

bells2 Tue 12-Nov-02 16:59:25

Wonderful news Tinkerbell. My nephew was only 3lb when he went home and was on oxygen for around 4 months after that. Now a strapping 5 year old.

Snugs Tue 12-Nov-02 23:33:22

Brilliant news Tinkerbell Best wishes to you all.

MABS Sat 01-Mar-03 15:04:57

Tinkerbell - how are they doing now? Hope all's ok.

GRMUM Sun 02-Mar-03 15:11:52

I have been thinking of you many times over the past few months.Join Mabs in hoping that all is well with you and your family.

Tinkerbell Sat 05-Apr-03 14:06:27

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Can you believe this is the 1st chance I have had to write since my beautiful girls came home?!?!?!

They were finally allowed to leave the unit on 21st November, after a false start on 18th when we left the hospital with empty car seats - AWFUL. Imogen came home on oxygen but clever girl passed her 24 hour monitoring 9 days ago and at 6 1/2 months old is now tube and machine free!!!! FANTASTIC. Such an amazing day.

I exclusively breastfed them until 2 weeks ago when we started supplementing their diet with a high calorie formula as the hospital is worried about their weight gain. They now weigh in at ... Saskia 11 lbs and Imogen 10 lbs 6 ozs which seems huge to us but is still not enough to keep the experts happy. And strangely enough we have also started weaning them!! They seem so tiny to be having solids but LOVE it, especially banana. Do any babies NOT love banana?

However, the really bad news is that we have found out that Imogen is deaf. Completely 100% on both sides. But it is early days and we are looking into various types of hearing aids to see if anything provokes a response and if not then an implant and if not, then she'll just be very special. We are starting to learn sign language so at least we are feeling proactive.

They are ANGELS and not one day goes by without me melting when I look at them and wonder at how strong they have been and how clever and resilient they are. My ds is in love with his little sisters 'Saka' and 'Imojim' (it used to be 'Saka and Beep' because of her noisy monitor!!!) and his favourite word is 'cuggle'.

I'm a happy lady.

GRMUM Sat 05-Apr-03 14:31:38

Tinkerbell so very glad to hear how well everything is going.People have been asking after you and your darlings on other threads too.Must admit that I was worried that your silence meant some not so happy news but if its just that you've been so busy then thats OK ! Sorry to hear about Imogen's deafness but I am sure that you will cope magnificently as you have done so far and I'm also sure you'll get loads of great advice here.

Loads of love to you all and look forward to hearing more news whenever you can post. GRMUM

SoupDragon Sat 05-Apr-03 15:14:27

Great news Tinkerbell

Sorry to ear about Imogen's deafness. Hopefull it will be something you can overcome as you say with hearing aids/cochlear implant when the time comes. I talked at leangth about this on another thread as one of DS1s friends is profoundly dead.

It must be wonderful to have them home and for the record, neither of my DSs loved banana

bossykate Sat 05-Apr-03 17:43:29

wonderful news!

Demented Sat 05-Apr-03 17:45:36

Great to hear from you Tinkerbell. Well done on the exclusive b/feeding! Sorry to hear about Imogen's deafness, it does sound as if you have armed yourself with all the information to make the best choices for her though. All the best and keep posting, if you have any time!

janh Sat 05-Apr-03 18:56:34

Tinkerbell, I had been worried too that your silence meant bad news, such a relief to find that it was just twinny busy-ness!

Lovely to hear all their news, and about their big brother. I'm very impressed about the b/f! I hope Imogen will be able to have the implants but, if not, think how useful for you all to "speak" another language.

Do keep posting. xxx

sobernow Sat 05-Apr-03 19:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bayleaf Sat 05-Apr-03 21:51:52

I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye - as with other people I'd half feared the worst as we hadn't heard from you in so long - it is fantastic news to hear that things are going so well. In the scheme of things deafness really isn't such a big deal is it? It's one of those lovely MUmsnet moments coming online on a fairly boring Saturday evening ( trip to a 24 hour Tesco - hey don't say I don't have a wild social life!)to read such happy news

tigermoth Sun 06-Apr-03 12:01:27

tinkerbell - I very happy for you all. So glad you were able to post. You sound so happy and positive - and busy no doubt!

Marina Fri 11-Apr-03 20:26:43

Saka and Beep sound like a chart act! So good to hear your news, Tinkerbell, I'm really happy for you all.

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