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Seeking reassurance - expecting twins! (7 weeks)

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CC81 Mon 23-Nov-20 17:18:50

Hi everyone. I'm freaking out! Any advice would be much appreciated.

I had an early scan today (7 weeks) and there were TWO in there. I really wasn't expecting it! Two heartbeats and both the expected size.

I'm 39 and have a low ovarian reserve, so wasn't expecting to get pregnant... let alone with two.

I'm okay with the thought of two babies, but am TERRIFIED of the extra risks (for them and for me).

Had my first child three years ago and it was straightforward (although the birth was a c-section at nearly 42 weeks). She was a very large baby (literally twice the weight of our friend's baby, born the same day). So it appears I have 'form' for carrying extra weight. But I don't know if this is a good thing!?

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Sometimesonly Mon 23-Nov-20 17:20:43

Congratulations! I still remember my first scan when I saw two and what a shock it was! Don't dwell on the negatives though. Most twin pregnancies do go smoothly and there is no reason to think yours shouldn't. smile

MissSmiley Mon 23-Nov-20 18:30:24

Congratulations! I completely understand the anxiety, my twins were my third pregnancy after a 9lb 1oz first baby and second one was 8lb 2oz, my non ID twins were 7lbs each and I went into labour naturally at 38.5w they were born by section in the end but everything was fine, I would try to arrange some help if possible, I couldn't walk very well after 25w as I was big and had spd again. The bonus of having two decent size babies was that they fed well and slept well, it's a big worry, try to take one day at a time

CC81 Mon 23-Nov-20 19:02:59

Thanks @Sometimesonly and @MissSmiley - that's really helpful.

You're right, there's so much doom and gloom online about twin pregnancies! But the majority DO turn out ok (statistically). I guess I mainly worry because at 39 I'm getting on a bit confused

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MissSmiley Mon 23-Nov-20 19:07:32

Don't worry about your age, the main issue is conceiving and you've done the hard part, I have a friend who had her twins (donor eggs) at 47 and they're all doing brilliantly

joleyn Mon 23-Nov-20 19:21:39

I had twins at 37 (ivf). I had a pretty straight forward pregnancy, easier vaginal birth than with my first. They're now 5 and a joy most of the time! It does sound scary when you hear all the stats and risks etc about twins but theres loads of good bits too and plenty of people have no issues at all. Congratulations.

Skyla2005 Mon 23-Nov-20 19:34:53

Did they tell you if they are identical or not ? Identical carry more risk because they share the placenta and they will monitor the babies very closely to make sure they get an equal share of everything Congratulations

PowerslidePanda Mon 23-Nov-20 23:03:56


Did they tell you if they are identical or not ? Identical carry more risk because they share the placenta and they will monitor the babies very closely to make sure they get an equal share of everything Congratulations

Sorry, but I have to correct this! Whether or not twins are identical has nothing to do with increased risk. Whether or not they share the placenta does. Not all identical twins share the placenta.

Sorry to be pedantic, but I was told by countless people - medical professionals included - that because my twins had separate placentas, that meant they were non-identical. In actual fact, a third of same sex twins with separate placentas are also identical (mine included). I've come across so many parents of identical twins who were misled about this!

TheMagicDeckchair Thu 26-Nov-20 19:03:12

@CC81 I remember you from some earlier threads, when I posted about my natural BFP at 40. Bizarrely I also discovered I was expecting twins too about 4 weeks ago! I’m nearly 16 weeks now and I’m definitely showing.

I’m so happy for you. Did you have fertility treatment or did it happen naturally for you?

I totally understand the anxiety you feel around it, as an older mum myself. It is hugely nerve wracking and a lot to take on. As PP said, do you know if they are sharing a placenta or not, as this will affect your hospital care?

If it’s any reassurance I chatted to a midwife at my hospital appointment last week about the increased risks and she reassured me that I’m healthy and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have a perfectly healthy birth and babies. You will be consultant led and very closed monitored throughout.

CC81 Thu 26-Nov-20 22:57:30

Thanks everyone for your positive replies smile

And hi @TheMagicDeckchair !!! I've been meaning to update my other threads, but have worried that the more I mention my news, the more likely it is to go wrong. Daft, I know!

Awesome to hear you're also expecting twinssmile

Yeah, it happened naturally - which was a pretty big surprise. I've been really cautious not to get excited about it, as it's such early days. Currently I mostly feel a bit fed up, anxious, sick and weary! If we make it to 12/16 weeks, I'll hopefully start to feel encouraged (if test results are ok).

Should find out the status of the twins at a future scan.

Did you have NIPT screening? Mine will be at 10 weeks.

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TheMagicDeckchair Fri 27-Nov-20 07:58:54

@CC81 I felt sick and lousy in the early weeks too, it’s tough going growing two. I know what you mean about not telling and not wanting to jinx it. I’ve only just started announcing my news and that’s mostly because I started to show.

Yes, I found out about the twins at the scan with NIPT, thought I was 10+6 but brought forward to 11+ 4. Sonographer recommended the Panorama test with twins as apparently it’s the most accurate for multiples and can tell with if they are identical or fraternal. You can also find out the sexes if you want. The results took just over 2 weeks.

I also had the NHS combined screening at my scan last Monday and still waiting on those results, but I’m hopeful they’re ok given NIPT was low risk and I haven’t had a phone call from the hospital.

CC81 Fri 27-Nov-20 22:41:25

@TheMagicDeckchair - I'm dreading the wait for NIPT results, if we get that far :/ I don't deal well with suspense! :/

We intend to do the IONA (which we did last time), as the lab is local and we should get results within a week. It's usually >99% accurate, but drops to 95% if we don't know for sure what type of twins they are (we probably won't at 9 weeks, which is our next scan). But it should be a good indication.

On my 7-week scan the sacs looked very separate, so it's unlikely they're identical.

I was advised against Panorama because in our area, the NHS only recognises Harmony and IONA (so wouldn't accept a referral based on a bad Panorama result, if we needed further tests). But I might do the Panorama as well, at a later date, if I'm feeling anxious!!! For example, if the NHS combined screening raises any questions.

We found out the gender via NIPT last time, but this time we've decided not to. It sounds awful, but I daren't think of them as 'people' until we're much further on.

I'm feeling calmer than at the start of the week, which is good. The run-up to Christmas will be tough, though - just got to stay distracted confused

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TheMagicDeckchair Sat 28-Nov-20 17:14:10

@CC81 I wasn’t even aware of there being any policies on NIPT tests. I assumed that if you provided the paperwork they would investigate further.

The first trimester is hard isn’t it? And time goes so slowly. I was convinced I had lost the pregnancy a couple of times due to spotting and loss of symptoms. I half expected a loss when I had my first scan- definitely didn’t expect two in there! Apparently spotting is more common in multiple pregnancies, I’ve had quite a bit, just to warn you.

At this stage you have a pretty good chance of having two healthy babies, and that chance increases all the time. But waiting for the results is nerve wracking, especially when you’re older. I still haven’t had my NHS combined test results, but I had my scan last Monday and haven’t heard anything so no news is good news I guess. NIPT came in very low risk and both scans looked good so I’m holding onto that. I’ll be over halfway there by new year, it seems to be passing quite quickly now.

CC81 Sat 28-Nov-20 22:03:50

@TheMagicDeckchair - Very encouraging that your NIPT came back low risk. The NHS one is less accurate anyway (but totally understand the worry).

Yeah, I've heard that spotting is more common with twins - which weeks did you get it? And does anyone know WHY it happens? I guess more stuff rubbing around inside?

Nothing yet, but trying to be prepared for it. I know if it happens I'll really panic, though!

I've found that my symptoms are worse on weekdays. I think because I'm more tired and more conscious of having to get stuff done. Last weekend I felt normal, which prompted the 7-week scan! And this weekend my nausea is reduced again (but still weary).

I never vomited in my first pregnancy, so it was pretty similar (so far).

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TheMagicDeckchair Sun 29-Nov-20 20:35:05

@CC81 I’m not sure why the spotting occurs - like you say maybe there’s more going on there, or more irritation on the cervix which bleeds. With my first, apart from one bright red bleed at 12 weeks, I had nothing. But this time I had it around 9 weeks, which coincided with my nausea easing and bump receding. So I thought I was out. Since then I’ve spotted maybe 5/6 times? It always clears quickly and there’s no pain with it so I decided if it got worse I’d seek help but otherwise I’ve just accepted it as part of the pregnancy.

Like you I had hardly any nausea with DD, much more this time, but still not terrible. It feels like a more intense pregnancy though, more tired and like the life was being sucked out of me. And I was really tearful and a bit depressed a couple of weeks ago, damn these twin pregnancy hormones flying around! Feeling a bit better now I’m into the second trimester. Just starting to worry as I get further on that my normal maternity clothes won’t fit the bump!

CC81 Mon 30-Nov-20 18:02:12

@TheMagicDeckchair - Thanks for sharing.

I forgot to ask - what type of twins are yours?

Mine looked very 'separate' on the 7-week scan (and double egg releases are more common in older women), so fraternal seems more likely. Hopefully not sharing a placenta (but we shall see).

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TheMagicDeckchair Mon 30-Nov-20 18:39:47

@CC81 they are DCDA or DiDi, I’ve heard both terms used. I had my first consultant appointment today, he was lovely and encouraged me to ask lots of questions. Plus we had a quick scan so I got to see them wriggling about!

There was a medical student sitting in so I think he was keen to show a twin pregnancy as they don’t see them very often.

CC81 Fri 04-Dec-20 10:35:03

@TheMagicDeckchair - That's good - I've read that it's the least risky type of twin pregnancy. I hope mine is the same!

My first NHS consultant appointment is on the same day as my 12-week scan.

Before then I've got some private appointments, starting with a scan at 9 weeks (this coming Tuesday). So nervous! x

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TheMagicDeckchair Fri 04-Dec-20 14:44:31

@CC81 I hope everything goes well at the scan on Tuesday, will be keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully they’ll be able to identify what type they are, my first scan was at 11+5 and they could tell then but you’re a bit earlier than that. I don’t know at what point they can determine whether the placenta is shared or not.

I have my scans booked for every 4 weeks from 20 weeks, 20 week scan is just after Xmas. I don’t have a consultant appointment booked that day, but consultant just said if there’s anything to discuss after the scan they’ll knock on the door.

You will probably be advised to start taking Aspirin at around 12 weeks, I think it’s standard for twin pregnancies.

gettingolderbutcooler Fri 04-Dec-20 14:52:24

I loved my twin pregnancy!! Felt really well and happy.
Didn't have C section. Had a bleed after 2nd one born but all was good!
Love love love being mum to twins. It's a really special thing.
Enjoy. Xxx

CC81 Fri 04-Dec-20 17:31:03

Thanks @TheMagicDeckchair and @gettingolderbutcooler !

I'll definitely be having a c-section, as I had one first time (and my first baby was 99th percentile in weight!).

Is aspirin a blood pressure thing, to reduce pre-eclampsia risk? My BP is naturally quite low, so it'll be interesting to see if they prescribe it (and when).

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TheMagicDeckchair Fri 04-Dec-20 17:41:08

@CC81 midwife said that taking Aspirin thins the blood so it aids in generating blood vessels in the placenta(s).

I think it’s also taken to help prevent other conditions like pre-eclampsia and raised blood pressure. I don’t have any history of these and normal blood pressure so it seems to be standard for multiple pregnancies.

CC81 Tue 08-Dec-20 17:13:48

Little update... had a private scan today with a consultant (twins specialist). Thankfully everything is as good as it can be, so far.

The twins appear to be fraternal and with separate placentas, which is reassuring to know. Same as you, @TheMagicDeckchair !

They're a similar size, with the larger measuring at 9w 4d.

So it's nearly time for our 10w NIPT test. I'm really, really anxious about it - mainly because of my age. I know it's more likely to be okay than not, but it's just so horrible waiting to find out. Aaaagh.

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TheMagicDeckchair Tue 08-Dec-20 18:17:03

@CC81 that’s all good news! The separate sacs and placentas are the lowest risk twin pregnancy. Will your NIPT tell you if they’re identical or fraternal?

I know the anxiety of waiting for screening results, but it was good to have the reassurance of the low risk NIPT whilst I waited for the NHS ones. In the end my NHS results got lost in the post so I rang and they emailed. The T21 risk in the NHS results came in around 1/700 for one and 1/800 for the other twin. Still considered low risk, but I am sure that my age pushed the risk up. On those results alone I think I would have been tempted to do the NIPT anyway for reassurance (1/4000 risk) so no regrets about getting it done first.

When’s your NIPT and 12 week NHS scan?

CC81 Tue 08-Dec-20 22:21:44

@TheMagicDeckchair - Thanks. The consultant was pretty positive that they're fraternal.

We're only doing the NIPT for risk factors at this stage, not twin analysis or gender.

Test is on Monday (10+3) then results hopefully within 5 days. NHS scan two weeks later.

If all seems ok (or there's any doubt), we may do a further NIPT test at a later date, for greater certainty.

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