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Moving twins to nursery pre-6 months?

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MrsEG Thu 23-Apr-20 02:27:43

Hi all,

I have 11-week old non-ID twins. They have been sleeping in our bedroom since they were born, initially in Moses baskets which they hated and then quickly co-bedded in a crib.

They are good little sleepers (thank God!) but the issue I’m having is they are outgrowing the shared crib really fast. They often wriggle around in there and end up in positions I just don’t think are safe together. As such I spend an awful lot of time in the night wide awake just watching/checking. I’m exhausted.

DH thinks we should just move them in to their own cots in the nursery and while on paper I completely agree (they already have day naps in there so are used to the room) I can’t shake the advice re: staying in your room for the first 6 months. But there’s no way they’ll get another 3 months out of the cot they share and we don’t have space in our room for two.

Just wondered what other people did - any advice on this at all??

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MuchTooTired Tue 28-Apr-20 17:00:58

Completely against guidelines, but my two outgrew their next to me crib at 8 weeks so they went in their own room next door in their own cots. We had the angelcare monitors (one per cot).

What we did was completely against guidelines. We didn’t have space for two cots or even one cot, and they were fighting each other and not sleeping so well. Once they were in their own room they slept for 5 hour stretches at first, then a couple of weeks later consistently through the night.

One thing I did see on here afterwards was having them share one of their cots with the side off as a giant next to me crib if you’ve space for that? Never occurred to me at the time, but if you’ve space in your room it could buy you some more time?

MrsEG Tue 28-Apr-20 17:59:56

Hi @MuchTooTired - I posted this last week and after extensive googling and asking other twin mums I decided to move them to the nursery. I got a camera for each crib and admittedly spent the first few nights wide awake staring at the monitor! But they’ve settled really well in there, in fact last night they slept 11 hours. Clearly a lot, lot happier without being smacked in the face by their brother all night! Glad to hear it worked for you too smile

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