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expecting twins

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throckenholt Wed 22-Aug-07 11:34:13

There seem to be a lot of expectant twin mums around at the moment - I thought you deserved a thread of your own !

My id twin boys are 4.5 - but I can still remember what it was like . Maybe some of us old hands can answer some of your concerns and questions.

Meeely2 Wed 22-Aug-07 11:43:44

roll up roll up, who's going to be first to sample the 'old hands' advice?

throckenholt Wed 22-Aug-07 16:08:19

I think they must all be asleep or shy

MarsLady Wed 22-Aug-07 23:07:22

I think you scared them away... it might have been the "old hands" that did it! PMSL!!!!!!!

throckenholt Thu 23-Aug-07 07:09:02

- I feel so rejected ! There was I thinking it would be nice for them to have a space of their own......

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 07:59:07

lol i think its a great idea throckenholt, if i had noticed post last nite i would've been here.

I have twins due 12/02/08 and to put it politely i am kackin my pants . just don't know what to expect or how i shall cope with a 1yr old aswell.

I would love to know at how many weeks people have had their twins at.

throckenholt Thu 23-Aug-07 08:02:49

kello Kat - I was beginning to feel unloved !

I had my id boys at 35 weeks - the smaller one had stopped growing (but given he only had 1/3 of the placenta he did pretty well all things considered ). They were in special care for 1 day being fed hourly because of low blood sugar - and spent a night under uv lights at 3 days old for jaundice - otherwise they were fine.

I had an 18 month old toddler at the time too.

To be honest - the first year or so is a blur ! Obviously it was survivable though

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 08:07:07

I had my dts at 33 weeks, they were both fine but had to stay in scuba for 4 weeks (they came out new years day 2004) as they were not allowed home til they were over 5lb, I had a nearly 3 yr old at the time, you do cope, my top tip is to try and get dts to have thier feed and especially thier naps at the same time.

throckenholt Thu 23-Aug-07 08:10:39

>get dts to have thier feed and especially thier naps at the same time.

definitely agree - the only time I would recommend waking a sleeping baby is when it is a twin and needs to be in sync with its twin !

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:14:50

lol of course not throckenholt never unloved.

He did do well then, it must have been a nerve rackin pregnancy then.

I heard u can have alot more problems in an id pregnancy. I went for my bookin and bloods yesterday and was surprised how many scans i shall be having, at my first scan they said think i was having non id, but doc said yesterday they will try and make sure either way at 20wks, also told they wouldn't allow me to go past 38wks if i make it that far.

I just can't imagine tryin to feed 3, as DS will be just 1 and still need help with feeding, let alone everything else

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:17:11

thats what i thought i would have to do, and was wondering if it really is ok to put twins in the same cot? I have 2 bedrooms 1 very small 2 put 5 children in

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:19:24

that was early then totaleclipse glad they were both well, was there a reason for that early or u just went into labour?

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 08:23:50

My dts shared a cot til they were around 4 months, my view was they shared a womb, so why not a cot am sure they were more contented that way too, if you are having id twins you will be having a scan every 2 weeks, I think the only different risk with id twins is twin to twin transfusion, where one twin takes all the nutrients and leaves the other with not enough, but I dont think there is a high percentage of that happening, but hospitals are very cautious of it, hense 2 weekly scans.

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 08:25:27

There was no apparent reason, I gave up full time work at 32 weeks thinking I could have a good rest before they arrived, but nooooooooo, 6 days later they made an appearance

throckenholt Thu 23-Aug-07 08:34:50

mine shared a pram top for the first couple of weeks ! Then they moved on to a cotbed - shared until about 6 months when they started kicking each other.

Mine was a nervy pregnancy - scans every 2 weeks - at one point every 5 days ! But actually we were very lucky - we had a specialist who really knew his stuff - and in the end we had no problems (apart from the early delivery).

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:38:03

lol that was a suprise then! Well I am pleased about that then, cos hopefully i can keep them together long enough to get DS into a junior bed or something, will be easier tryin to fit just 2 cots instead of 3.
Its going to be bad enough having to travel to the hospital for scan and antinatal appoinments every 4wks (can't imagine 2 wkly) if you need for the babies then thats wot u do, but its was such a good pregnancy with DS as just up my local docters to see midiwfe, mat unit only for scans and birth

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:43:51

I don't even know what pushchair to buy a triple or twin (can't imagin leaving the house with 3 lol) DS will still need a good puschair as when out will probably still need sleeps but not for that long I would've thought.

throckenholt i bet it was, I'm finding this one alot more worrying with 2 than normal and everythings going well, I think if you have good docters u can put your faith into it does help

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 08:44:03

Yes, I had to travel to the next town for my scans, seems like hard work the further you get along your pregnancy, and when they were born I came home after 3 days even though I had had an emergency c section because ds came down the most horrendes (sp) bout of chicken pox I had ever seen, and we had to go to the hospital at twice a day, obviously for visits, but also to take expressed milk in, I could'nt express it quick enough, so dh was going back and fawards with minimal amounts.

How are you feeling at the moment? Are you showing much?

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 08:45:25

For the first couple of months you could carry one twin in a sling, and have a double buggy for the other one and ds.

throckenholt Thu 23-Aug-07 08:52:58

we did double pushchair plus a sling and later a backpack - worked for the first year to year and a half I think.

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 08:55:27

oh dear I can imgine how much hard work that all intitled.
Yes the sling is deffinatly worth a thought, thank u

I'm showing a fair bit already in my maturnity stuff from last time and strechy leggins, to everyones suprise I havn't had any sickness at all just a bit queasy the worse thing has been tiredness, sometimes I wonder how I get through the day lol and with DS he's normally a really good sleeper but not long after i found I was expecting he had a virus that kept him awake on and off through the night for about 4 wks, i put that down to why i was so tired until i found out its twins

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 09:03:28

I escaped morning sickness too, though I did have SPD. Get as much rest as you can

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 23-Aug-07 09:10:10

I'm not expecting twins, have 11 week old DD, LOL, but my SIL just (Sun morning) delivered her twins naturally, DT1 head down, DT2 breech, after going into spontaneous labour at 36+6. DT1 delivered eight hours after a show, DT2 half an hour later. Weights were 6lb3oz and 6lb1oz.

I thought that might make anyone who is worried about having twins feel a little better...

...and I think my SIL is an absolute star

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 09:11:22

is SPD where your pelvis softens too much and gives u alot of pain? I've had that with all 3 pregnancies the worst was with first one though

ExpectingKat Thu 23-Aug-07 09:13:55

congratulations to your sil daisyandbabybootoo, lovely weights for nearly 37 wks I bet she's well chuffed. I'm praying for a normal delivery (fingers crossed)

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