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Flying when pregnant with twins

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Robs20 Fri 04-Oct-19 08:38:18

Found out 2 days ago I’m having twins!
I am supposed to go to New York at the end of November (will be 15 weeks). Will ask the midwife when I see her, but do you think this will be ok?
I don’t want to take any risks (flew long haul in first pregnancy) but this is a special trip - we are going away over the birthday of my first daughter. Her second birthday and first one since she would like to be away from reality if possible.
Any thoughts?

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44PumpLane Fri 01-Nov-19 21:26:49

I flew to florida when 19 weeks pregnant then back again when 22 weeks pregnant with twins.

The outbound journey I was fine, the return journey was a but hellish--but the holiday was worth it.

At 15 weeks I imagine you will be fine.

PrincessRaven Fri 01-Nov-19 21:28:23

Sorry for your loss x flowers

You'll probably be fine, just check with your midwife

winnerwiner Fri 01-Nov-19 21:33:08

Flying will be fine, but make sure your insurance is completely bullet proof to cover a twin pregnancy and declare everything, even if it happens after you pay for the insurance ( just as an example, anaemia). If you fall ill in the states they will give you great care, but it is extremely expensive. I'm sorry for your loss and hope you have a wonderful trip.

penmanship Sun 15-Mar-20 22:53:50

I flew from Australia to the UK return when 15 weeks pregnant with twins. I checked with my obstetrician first - her preference was I didn’t fly when pregnant, but she was ok with it because the pregnancy was going well and it was a trip we had to make. She also gave some advice for managing the trip. Check with your health professional as I imagine advice may differ with individual pregnancies. It was a bit uncomfortable but ok.

I’m really sorry about the loss of your daughter flowers

penmanship Sun 15-Mar-20 22:58:28

Sorry, I didn’t check the date of this post and see that your trip has already past. Apologies for that flowers

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