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Double buggy - mountain buggy duet

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Hobbes39 Sun 04-Aug-19 16:16:23

Looking for some help - due twins in approx 5 weeks if not before...
We got a good value 2nd hand older style mountain buggy duet and just having a go at the options for setting it up.
My old single buggy was so simple to change between buggy/carrycot/car seat that I'm getting frustrated with how difficult the mountain buggy is and beginning to think we made a mistake getting this buggy (got it as generally saw rave reviews about it and didn't want to faff about... maybe should have taken more time to investigate..!)
So anyway, it came with the buggy seats attached and they are fiddly and time consuming to remove and attach, but while annoying that doesn't bother me as much as the blinking carrycots - am I doing it wrong?? It doesn't appear to fold with the carrycots on, is that right? And changing from carrycot to car seat is a faff too - help! I really want a side by side double buggy rather than in line, So choice is limited - but can someone tell me what they do when they go out somewhere with the double buggy and tiny babies - do you just use the car seats in it? Do you actually use the carrycots much? Is it as tricky as I'm finding it to change things over? Would I be bette to cut my losses and get a different buggy that's easier to change modes? If so, which one?! Thanks!

Waterdropsdown Tue 13-Aug-19 14:18:01

You’ve probably resolved this now. I had (well still have) this buggy.

When my twins were little babies yes you are correct it was a faff. I actually didn’t like using the car when on my own back then - it’s also v heavy to lift the buggy into the car. Do you have to drive a lot? I was lucky and walked most places. You do get better at figuring out the clips and can do it quicker. I did break a car seat clip one day and had to wait a couple weeks for a new one! I’m not sure if other buggies are easier to change about as never used any other one.

Once twins are bigger it’s a great buggy. Except for the stupid soft wheels! I’ve had about 10 punctures!

JackieandWilson Sat 07-Sep-19 23:39:50

Love love love this pram - still a winner now the twins are 2! Fits through every door I've ever encountered, something you won't find from many other double prams. When mine were small I used the carry cots & never actually used the car seats with it. You'll get faster & it gets easier, but it'sn terms of when they can sit in the buggy style seats - definitely the best I've seen! I'm so glad I didn't get an in line one ... I always think it's so unfair on one twin! I've also never had a puncture ... Maybe I should be walking more grin

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