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Is brown discharge at 8 weeks pregnant with twins normal?

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MrsEG Tue 16-Jul-19 17:03:06

Hello all,

I am just hoping anyone can share their own stories, really.

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins (separate sacs). I’ve had two scans already which both looked perfectly healthy, the last being at 7+2.

I am already consultant led due to having several losses before this pregnancy (which has happened naturally) hence all the additional care, and I am taking various medications also (prednisolone, clexane, aspirin).

2 days ago I woke and had brown, mucus-y discharge when I wiped. Went on a long walk with the dog and there was more that afternoon. Then nothing yesterday, but I have had it again today several times.

My consultant isn’t worried and says it could be the placentas forming; but I am going out of my mind worrying about it. I’ve tried to hard to stay calm in this pregnancy and the scans we had really reassured me, but now I feel really anxious.

Is this normal?? I know brown is generally no cause for concern and just keep an eye on it but my next scan isn’t for 2 weeks which feels like an age away right now.

Thank you

usersouthcoast Thu 18-Jul-19 19:15:48

It's been normal for me with my twin pregnancy, I'm now 10 weeks and this has stopped.
Have been for two scans already, and both showed healthy heartbeats

usersouthcoast Thu 18-Jul-19 19:16:48

Very similar to you also, very mucusy, and hit and miss as to whether or not it would happen that day.

I'm told it's normal smile

Lou573 Thu 18-Jul-19 19:17:50

Normal for my single pregnancy throughout whole first trimester - they spotted a haemotoma on the scan that just made its way out.

MrsEG Thu 18-Jul-19 21:18:51

Thank you @usersouthcoast @Lou573 that’s put my mind at ease! Very hit and miss and often barely there. Thank you!!

costacoffeecup Thu 18-Jul-19 21:25:03

I had this at eight weeks. Was sort of a dark orange/brown. All fine.

Bringonspring Thu 18-Jul-19 21:27:09

I had it with both of mine and both born fine. Will keep fingers crossed for you

babysharkah Thu 18-Jul-19 21:52:42

I had it at 8-10 weeks and then a huge bleed at 12, it was an anterior placenta. Dts fine, very early but for other reasons.

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