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Did you think you were having twins before the scan?

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Afrog Sun 14-Jul-19 12:18:41

Currently pregnant with DC2 and I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about having twins.

I don’t think I am carrying twins but I’d like to be!

Did you have a hunch you were expecting twins or was it a complete surprise?

44PumpLane Mon 15-Jul-19 00:43:46


My Maternal grandmother had 2 sets of fraternal twins and a load of single births and there were no other twins down that side in my generation or my mums generations so when we decided to Tey I always joked it woild be sods law I'd have twins.

At 9 weeks I had gall stones and when they scanned me I told the lady that I assumed she was going to tell me it was twins, and it was.

FFSMelvin Mon 15-Jul-19 01:01:42

No. Not a clue. DD1 was a singleton. The second pregnancy was a twin one and I was so so shocked.

They're now 15 and I still shake my head from time to time when I remember the moment I was told. Bloody weird!

Ray00yah Tue 16-Jul-19 02:07:28

My first child was a singleton, and funny enough once I knew I was pregnant again I was having funny dreams of myself announcing to my work colleagues that there were going to be two new additions to the team. And all my dreams consisted of two babies. Didn't think anything off it until my scan showed I was expecting two little ones. So I guess somehow I knew there were two. It was a shock as twins dont run in my family.

MummyBear405 Tue 16-Jul-19 09:48:45

I'm PG with my first but I have the strangest feeling that there are two in there, to the point that my DH is genuinely worried! Of course he'd be over the moon once he got his head around it if that ended up being the case.

I have my 12 week scan tomorrow so not much longer to wait! @Afrog how far along are you? What made you think it might be twins?

Afrog Tue 16-Jul-19 10:48:42

@MummyBear405 - how exciting! Let us know how you get on!

I just keep saying “unless it’s twins” but I don’t think it will be. My mum is a twin but she’s an identical twin so I don’t think it’s genetic on my side.

I’d love it to be twins but just don’t think I’m that lucky!

Egg Tue 16-Jul-19 11:03:20

When I went on my own for an early scan in my second pregnancy I was going to joke with DH when I got home that it was twins. Then it bloody well was.

Courtney555 Wed 17-Jul-19 20:57:45

I knew it was. With my son I was poorly. This time round I was bed ridden with exhaustion, sleeping 18hrs a day. I decided it was either down to the fact I was 12yrs older and just a bit past it compared to last time, or that I was having triplets. Seriously. I even referred to it/them as Mary Mungo and Midge. Other half was so convinced that we delayed our car purchase until we'd had our 12 week scan incase there were 2 or 3 of them. There's no twins in the history of our families, ever.

Turns out I'm not old and decrepit. There's two of them. Double the hormones, double the exhaustion. Which was some relief in the sense that there was a reason behind feeling like I was dying grin

I think there's a still a little shock element, because even though we were convinced, you still have this little voice inside saying "c'moooooon be serious, what are the chances" especially when there's no history of twins at all. But I don't know how to explain it. We just knew.

Had the 12 week scan and technically find out 6 days ago, but it feels like we've known for ages, because we thought it from week 6 when I went into hibernation.

DorothyHarris Wed 17-Jul-19 21:01:02

I had literally no idea. There are fraternal twins on my side of the family but none born to any close relatives, was a massive massive shock. They're 3.5 now though and despite the initial shock I wouldn't give them back 🙈🙈

Padfootprongs Wed 17-Jul-19 21:13:04

No a complete shock. I actually googled one of my symptoms before my first scan, and articles kept coming up saying ‘twins’. I just brushed over those thinking it was ridiculous, how could I possibly be having twins! But at the first scan found out we were having identicals 😊. I was shocked there were two babies in me and I didn’t know!

HermioneKipper Thu 25-Jul-19 19:01:54

I’ve got HG with this pregnancy and didn’t have it with previous child so was referred for an early scan after a few docs said it could be multiples. Even though I was warned it was a possibility it was still a huge shock and lucky I was on a bed as I might have fainted. Now 18 weeks and still hasn’t sunk in!

sirmione16 Thu 25-Jul-19 19:04:59

@MummyBear405 what's the news? smile

MummyBear405 Mon 29-Jul-19 16:50:41

@sirmione16 sorry! It was my birthday last week so it got a bit hectic!

Just one in there I'm afraid but looks very healthy and wriggly so I'm excited anyway smile

Hope you lovely ladies are doing well!

ellesbellesxxx Sat 10-Aug-19 22:38:16

Nope... we had ivf and had two embryos put back BUT this was because they weren’t as advanced as they should be, so they put two back to give us the best chance of having one.
I was so incredulous it worked at all that when we found out I was pregnant I was convinced there would just be one.
Even now I smile when I think of the words “double trouble!” From the ivf nurse at our viability scan, best news ever!

doodlejump1980 Sat 10-Aug-19 22:41:22

Yup, both grandfathers were b/b, b/g twin combos so the odds were high. I just had a feeling. Still had to scrape me off the ceiling when we got the news though!

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