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Double buggy Range Rover Sport 7 seater help

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Courtney555 Thu 11-Jul-19 18:59:07

Has anyone got the 7 seater RR Sport? Can you fit a double buggy comfortably in the boot? How about if one of the seats in the back row is up?

We love the car, spent months finding the perfect one for our new arrival, just about to buy, had 12 week scan yesterday and it's twins.

Only alternative is the Q7 which we know will be big enough, but neither of us like it especially. And it's still a lot for a car we don't like but, "hey it's practical."

We literally hate everything else sad

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Happygolucy123 Fri 12-Jul-19 23:06:10

DH drives the 7 seater and we regularly take out my twin nephew and niece, the double buggy fits fine, a bit of a squish if we've got anything else in the boot but the car itself has plenty of room to move shopping or boot bits around. Could you take a buggy to a dealership to try? Best of luck with your babies

Courtney555 Sat 13-Jul-19 06:41:19

Thank you Lucy, we went and looked yesterday and with two newborn carseats on isofix bases, there's no room for the third child to get to the middle seat. We're doomed with a Q7 by the looks of things confused it's the ugliest Audi I ever did see.

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