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Twins in a coach built pram??

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pitterpatterbaby Sat 08-Jun-19 08:31:34

Hi can anyone tell me if it's roomy enough to put twins in a silver cross pram for the first month or so? Really would like one but no room (or budget!) for two! Thought I could just use doubles up in the early days then sell on? Thanks all xx

Notquiteagandt Mon 10-Jun-19 21:04:22

You can get twin ones that are a little wider that have room for 2 babys

Jasharps Mon 10-Jun-19 23:30:13

My twin babies slept/went in a silver coach built pram for many months.

pitterpatterbaby Tue 11-Jun-19 08:54:46

Thank you both. I can't seem to find a wider twin version. @Jasharps which one did you have?

mustdrivesoon Tue 11-Jun-19 09:18:41

Those prams do not have front swivel wheels so are an absolute nightmare to push and manoeuvre unless going in a straight line.

pitterpatterbaby Tue 11-Jun-19 13:11:15

Straight lines are fine. We live on a farm so big fixed wheels are much better than swivel that end up getting jammed on bumpy ground smile

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