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How was your twin labour if you've had previous fast births?

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Spanneroo Tue 04-Jun-19 19:52:40

Recently found out I'm expecting DCDA twins. My previous two births were precipitate labours (2hrs 20 and 1hr 10 - first contraction to baby in arms). I can't seem to find any info online about twin labour experiences after quick singleton births, so I am hoping someone might be able to share their experiences, as I'm quite concerned about being able to get to the hospital in time!

mumwithovertime Wed 05-Jun-19 18:47:34

Probably not much help but I had 3 singletons all delivered over a week after their due dates , first about 6 hour labour , second less than 1 hour ( once I turned up at the hospital ) and third was a home birth (by choice ) delivered within an hour of the midwife arriving at my house .
With my twins I ended up being induced as having reached 39 weeks plus 3 I was so uncomfortable that I opted for induction even though my consultant was happy for me to continue . From start of induction to delivery of twin 2 was about 15 hours ( with 15 mins between them ) twin 1 was ventouse and twin 2 turned so was breech but no issues and no tearing or stitches .

Spanneroo Wed 05-Jun-19 19:01:10

Wow - not surprised you were well done with your twins by 39 weeks!

I've had a previous home birth, too, as DD2 would likely have been born at the side of the road if not.

Interesting to hear your induction took 15 hours. I was worried that, should I be induced, it would be even speedier than my other labours due to the synthetic hormones, but perhaps not.

mumwithovertime Wed 05-Jun-19 19:11:24

My twins are 18 now and shortly off to uni so it’s a while ago , I reckon with the others I coped pretty well with the pain and used a tens machine so even with my first I was 4 cm when I arrived at hospital and I put off getting the midwife here until the last minute !
When I was induced literally nothing had happened before the first pessary and if I remember I had 3 altogether , it was a slow start but then suddenly was very intense ! I did have an epidural but I’m sure it got turned off as I passed out , I know after delivery I was still able to walk to the toilet .

Spanneroo Wed 05-Jun-19 19:31:05

Ahh, that makes sense now that you say it. I was fortunate not to need pain relief with either of mine, but it seems my lovely relaxed home birth for baby number 3 is well and truly a pipe dream now! grin

RummidgeGeneral Wed 05-Jun-19 19:35:06

My twin birth was really fast and similar to first Singleton birth, even though number two was breech. All done in 3 hours. It was surprisingly good. The twin monitor as a bit of a pain but my midwife was supportive of me standing up and moving about. Good luck with it all.

Spanneroo Wed 05-Jun-19 19:39:21

That's interesting rummage. Nice to hear of a more "normal" twin birth. I know it's all still early days for me, but it's really thrown me when I fully expected another straight forward pregnancy and speedy birth at home! Will have to see how the pregnancy progresses and take it as it comes. Very encouraging to hear I might not necessarily have to be strapped to the bed, though (sounds like my idea of hell!)

willisurvive3under2 Tue 11-Jun-19 23:41:31

First baby (singleton) took 4 hours from first twinge to birth. Twin induction took 12 hours from pessary. My body reacted to the hormones immediately and probably a bit too fast so they got it out and slowed things down a bit. Textbook twin birth with a 15 min gap, twin 2 was breech but no issues (she was transverse and it was decided to give it a try). I realise this might not be hugely helpful as inductions aren't very representative.

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