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Car seats for twins

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NCbilliontimes Sat 27-Apr-19 14:37:44

Hi, not sure if you’ve bought car seats yet, but I had Recaro Zero.1 Elite for my twins. They’re a bit more expensive but you’re not carrying a full car seat because the baby seat bit unclips from the full seat so they’re soooooo much lighter so you can carry two quite easily. Haven’t bought the adaptors but I believe they make them to clip on some pushchair frames?
It’s got all the other features, lasts for years, isofix, spins round etc. DH picked them, it was his one decision 😂 but he did choose well.

Whitelisbon Sat 13-Apr-19 21:43:00

I'd never thought about it until it happened either.
Glad to have been of help grin

Sibby123 Sat 13-Apr-19 20:39:28

@Whitelisbon thank you so much, that's so helpful! Actually hadn't thought about that whole process of getting them out. I think you've helped make my decision

Whitelisbon Sat 13-Apr-19 20:13:48

I had two infant carrier car seats for my twins. Don't bother.
Its impossible to carry 2 of them for any more than about 10 feet. They don't both fit in a trolley if you want to get any shopping in there as well. Plus, once you've got one out, you have to put them on the floor while you get the other out, then lock the car etc, which leaves them very low down and in danger from other cars, because no-ones looking down there.
I ended up leaving the seats in the car anyway, but having to strap them in and out every time, as you can't feed a baby in properly under the seatbelt.
Pushchair and 2 spin style seats is substantially easier.

Sibby123 Sat 13-Apr-19 20:03:56


We're having twins and trying to get my head around all the things we need.
My question... for DS we used the Joie 360 spin isofix which I loved so much. We had to move him out even whilst asleep into a pushchair but that was fine and he still stays asleep now when we move him (almost two). Which means I don't spend hours sitting in the car if he's asleep like friends do whose toddlers just wake if they're touched.

However it obviously doesn't move out of the car. I'm wondering if with twins you would recommend the seats that do come out? Then if I popped to the supermarket I could put them both in the trolley? Or do you think the isofix stay in car type is fine and just use a pushchair everywhere else?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!!

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