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What do I need for twins that I didn't need with Singleton?

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Hobbes39 Tue 02-Apr-19 22:07:44

Hi - I am 14.5w pregnant with twins (non-identical, don't know sex yet!)
We have a 5 year old boy so we have plenty of baby stuff from when he was little, but in terms of practical stuff I am trying to get organised and thinking what we need for the babies... so if anyone has any tips of things you needed specifically for twins, please hit me with your suggestions!
For example, we have a Moses basket and a large cot bed already, but am actually thinking I might sell these on and just get 2 standard sized cots - have one in our room to begin with that they can share, and then when they move to their own room they'd have three two coats in there - is that sensible? Or madness?!
Also, my husband thinks we should keep the single buggy we have, 'in case' it might be useful with one in a sling? but I think we should probably sell it and get a double one as I can't see when we would ever need the single one? Any tips? TIA!

Waterdropsdown Tue 02-Apr-19 22:24:00

I don’t think it’s a bad idea having a single buggy but you definitely need a double as well. There are times I thought a single would have been useful, especially when a bit older and you each take one out. With doubles do you want side by side or up and under?

Does the corned fit in your room? Both of ours were in one cotbed in our room for 6 months. Then my DD moved out into her room on her own.

2 bouncy chairs are a must. We got second hand babybjorn ones and they were very happy in them.

Think about how you plan to feed - I wish I’d pre arranged a hospital grade pump.

Someone to be around to help in first few weeks?

Hobbes39 Tue 02-Apr-19 22:34:16

Thanks @Waterdropsdown for your message, that's useful - will look at bouncy chairs - we just have one at the mo...
Re the buggy, we live in the countryside (we were in town when my DS was small) so im conscious things will be different in that way too - for example I walked everywhere with DS as was walking distance to everything so used the buggy a lot, but these days we drive a lot as we haven't got shops cafes on our doorstep anymore.. so buggy use will be different, but I can't figure out how different...! I think I'll need a more off road one than the more city one we have anyway..?

Waterdropsdown Tue 02-Apr-19 22:37:56

We have a mountain buggy and it’s great except for the rate at which it get punctures due to soft tyres. Beware of buggies with soft tyres especially if you are in the countryside!

RandomUsernameHere Wed 03-Apr-19 20:05:14

Congratulations OP! Twin feeding cushion was a lifesaver for me and I agree 2 bouncy chairs is a must. We also had the mountain buggy but got the puncture proof tyres as the ones it came with wore out in no time.

Hobbes39 Wed 03-Apr-19 23:01:31

Thanks @RandomUsernameHere - just wondering - does the mountain buggy work from birth? Haven't looked at it properly yet..! Thanks x

RandomUsernameHere Thu 04-Apr-19 09:45:28

Yes it's suitable from birth. It was great, so easy to use and I don't think I ever came across a door that it couldn't fit through. We also had the car seat adaptors to use with the maxi cosi baby seats, very convenient although the car seats do stick out a bit so make the whole thing slightly wider.
I agree that the single buggy might come in useful, if you have space I would keep it if you can x

moggle Fri 12-Apr-19 08:24:20

Definitely keep the single. There are bound to be doctor and hospital appointments where you get childcare for the other twin. The only problem is you may sometimes need a second single for the other twin for those occasions!! Friends are good for borrowing though :-)
If you’re using the car a lot I would consider looking for a buggy that you can clip the car seats on to. The mountain buggy does that or what we did was buy a cheap eBay Baby jogger select which is a tandem / one in front of the other. However this way you may end up like us with a garage containing 3 doubles and 2 single buggies. They do all get used though 🙈

Bobbindobbin Fri 12-Apr-19 08:26:39

I had a nipper 360. Can not praise it highly enough. Congratulations flowers

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