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Twin pregnancy - appointments

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boodles101 Tue 19-Mar-19 16:19:08

Hi every one, I discovered I'm expecting DCDA twins at my 12 weeks scan. I'm now almost 15 weeks and the shock has worn off and excitement settling in. I'm wondering what things will look like in terms of appointments from now on?
I am seeing midwife next week so can get more info then but I'm telling my work this week and was hoping to know what to expect do I can tell them. will I see a consultant before my 20 week scan? How often will there be appointments/scans?
This is my 2nd pregnancy. Any info would be great thanks.

neversleepagain Wed 20-Mar-19 17:54:40

I was pregnant with dcda twins 7 years ago so things have probably changed but my ante natal care went like this...
Found out I was having twins at 13 week dating scan.
16 weeks met my consultant (I had gallbladder issues so it was mainly about that)
18 weeks midwife
20 weeks anomaly scan and consultant
24 weeks scan and consultant
24 weeks gestational diabetes test (always done in multiple pregnancies)
26 weeks midwife
28 weeks scan and consultant
30 weeks midwife
32 weeks scan and consultant
33 weeks midwife
34 weeks scan and consultant.
Twins born the next day.

Congratulations, I remember the shock like it was yesterday.

RummidgeGeneral Wed 20-Mar-19 18:17:55

If you still have notes that you take to appointments get a thick black pen and write twins in large letters on the front of your notes. I never saw the same person more than once at the clinic. They would all spend what felt like ages looking at my notes and then say ah you are having twins. Congratulations btw for your 2!

neversleepagain Wed 20-Mar-19 18:24:14

I was very lucky that I saw the same consultant and midwife throughout my pregnancy. I requested it at each appointment for the next appointment.

boodles101 Wed 20-Mar-19 21:01:28

Thank you both, very helpful with the time line of appointments. At least I know what roughly to expect. Especially with the GD test as didn't have that with my first pregnancy. neversleepagain I hope that's not your username due to your twins grin

Potplant Wed 20-Mar-19 21:09:09

Similar to Neversleepagain in terms of midwife, scan and consultant appointments. I don't remember having the GD test.
I also had twice weekly foetal monitoring at hospital from around 26/27 weeks. I ran out of people to go to scans with me smile

MuchTooTired Thu 28-Mar-19 12:21:18

Mine was pretty much the same as neversleepagain except my first consultant appointment was earlier, and I never had a diabetes test.

My last scan was booked for 38 weeks, and cancelled - they arrived at 36+5 due to pre eclampsia.


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