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Twins and extracurriculars

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Linguaphile Sat 16-Mar-19 11:51:28

I’m going to start this by saying that we are not ‘those’ parents who force their twins to do everything the same. They wear different outfits, they are in different classes in school, etc.

Our identical girls are 5.5 years old and we’re trying to decide what to do with extracurriculars. We have one who is interested in horse riding and one who is interested in gymnastics. They both seem to enjoy both activities and physically are of a similar capability level. The problem is that we are worried that one might end up changing her mind and decide she wants to do what her sister is doing after a few months and then will find herself perpetually ‘behind’ the other one. Also worried about one constantly getting fomo and asking to join in the other’s activity every time they see each other going in to their respective classes. Do we encourage them each to do both activities for a while to see how things go for them and then let them choose (or move on to something else entirely) after giving the activities a go for a few months? Or should we just let them make their choices and deal with potential fallout down the road? If they were older it wouldn’t be such an issue, but at this age I sometimes think they will avoid doing something they actually find fun if their sister is doing it just because they want to have something that is ‘theirs’ if that makes sense.


neversleepagain Sat 16-Mar-19 16:43:50

Mine did different activities from age 3, one loved swimming, her sister hated it and was football mad. 3 and a half years later one is a cracking good swimmer while her sister is happy swimming slowly behind her. The other is a very good football player and it doesn't bother her sister in the slightest, she too plays football now but is happy kicking the ball in her own little world.

They play the same instrument, both are equally good, they encourage each other and have never shown jealously thankfully.

Academically they are pretty even too so it seems to have all balanced out.

Just let it happen and see how it goes.

Linguaphile Sun 17-Mar-19 08:33:01

That’s helpful, thanks.

babysharkah Fri 22-Mar-19 12:23:33

Mine do the same, at their insistence. TBH it would be good for them to do something different but they aren't having any of it at the moment.
t. They are pretty much the same standard wise so there haven't been any issues around that, yet.

OneToThree Tue 26-Mar-19 06:30:27

My b/g twins did all the same activities together at that age. I didn’t even ask their opinion 😱
Then if one went off something (boy went off trampolining) they’d stop.
Now at 8 they both do a lot of football and my dd does dance too.

chutneypig Tue 26-Mar-19 06:37:03

My b/g twins have largely done the same activities throughout primary. DD did stop martial arts for a bit so for a few years was one belt behind her brother, but that’s evened out this month. I think it’s worth a trial period for any child at that age and just see how it goes, so I’d be inclined to them both trying both activities and take it from there.

Didiplanthis Wed 08-May-19 02:30:34

Mine do a few together but have their own special interest. Play different instruments. They are insanely competitive at the moment so I'm encouraging differences !

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