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how do i stop my girls thinking its party time at bedtime?

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sallyhadtwins Thu 05-Jul-07 00:06:15

hello!! this is all new to me so apologies if this has been discussed before... my twins are 2 and have just been moved from cots to beds... and for the last 3 weeks they have taken 3-4 hrs to settle down and go to sleep!! they also have this terrible desire to be naked at all times at the moment and have frequently found them asleepon the floor naked and the room has been trashed!!! help!! any advice... should i split them up or persevere!!Thanks

Twinklemegan Thu 05-Jul-07 00:08:22

Don't worry Sally. Every topic on MN (almost) has been discussed before (often many times). I've only got one 11 month old so I've no advice to offer, but loving the mental image your post has conjured up. Hope someone can help.

menageriekeeper Thu 05-Jul-07 16:32:07

When I moved my triplets to beds, I removed everything from their room except the absolute necessary, including toys. They could have their cuddlies and a book each. I actually sat in there for the first few nights, ignoring them completely, unless they sat up or started talking, when I would tell them to lie down and go to sleep. It seemed to work really well, and they got into the routine very quickly. However.........

Now they're 8, they mess around more, and argue, fight and generally be a pain in the arse! I want my sleepy babies back!

sallyhadtwins Thu 05-Jul-07 18:08:09

thanks for your replies and advice, i have had to empty their chest of drawers as they were always going thru them , discarding what they didn't want and then choosing an alternative!! will move everything else out tonight!! I try to stop them sleeping in the day although this really hard as they still seem to want a nap! m-keeper... are your triplets in the same room still? you can get thru the toddler stage then?

menageriekeeper Fri 06-Jul-07 10:31:57

They are still in the same room, but only because we can't afford to move somewhere bigger yet. I did get through the toddler stage, and came out the other side (relatively) sane. As for the afternoon naps, mine were having them till they were over 4. If they still need them, it might be worth letting them have an hour, as overtired kids are harder to settle at night. Worth a try - if they don't sleep at night, you could cut out the naps again.

sallyhadtwins Sat 07-Jul-07 20:40:56

thank you, yes thats good advice, since starting this thread our nights have (dare i say it) got better.... it had just reached its peak after 3 weeks of chaos!! heres hoping for a restful sleep for all tonight!! now what are everyones tips on potty training two at a time!!

menageriekeeper Sun 08-Jul-07 18:43:34

Glad it worked for you. Little tip to stop them taking their nappies off too - stick a strip of gaffa tape over the tapes. They can't get them off then.

inamuckingfuddle Sun 08-Jul-07 19:28:12

my sympathies sally, mine were great when they first went into beds but now, 18 months later, they are little buggers at bedtime, queens of procrastination! As far as potty training 2 at a time goes...focus on the one that's doing well, praise, reward, bribe whatever, the other will follow eventually - and remember, you can never have too many potties

sallyhadtwins Mon 09-Jul-07 12:42:57

i've just gone downstairs and found a poo on the bottom step!! lucky i didn't step in it!! will try the gaffer tape!! trying to persevere with the potty training but they just sit there and look at me, then they get up and go and wee in a corner!! will get more pottys too! thanks guys

sandyballs Mon 09-Jul-07 12:47:45

Ahhh, this takes me back, makes me feel quite emotional. My twin DDs were just the same - we used to find them asleep on the floor, naked with a trashed bedroom.

I'm pretty sure I posted on here about it at the time (my DD's are 6 now), and a bit of advice that stuck in my mind is that being a twin must be like having your best friend for a sleep over every night. I still try to think of that when they're still playing and messing about at 9.00pm.

Sorry, that's no much help really is it. It is a phase, (another one ), the novelty will wear off.

sallyhadtwins Mon 09-Jul-07 12:50:51

no it really does help thank you. they are so funny and lovely its hard to get cross with them!

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