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minglemoo Wed 30-Jan-19 10:05:35

Just wanted to vent really

I feel hurt that maternal gps aren't interested. Dts (my first) are nearly 1 and are a handful . I love being a mum but dts are hard work. I went back to work part time but I'm leaving because it's too much. I know plenty of people do it, but for me working one day in an easier job (was working in a school) and having one day off to catch up with housework , house admin is possible , so I'm doing it.

I've given in my notice so I'm leaving in a few weeks but it's been so hard. Paternal gps take care of the twins 2 days a week and I'm so grateful for that , but I feel bitter regarding my mum and dad. They come over to see them but they never offer to take them for a walk or think about me. I've had friends offer to take them for a walk to give us a break.

I know they are busy living their own lives but it's just that then isn't it.

HandsUpHere Wed 30-Jan-19 12:43:11

It is really hard. People don't get it. Have you asked your parents to do specific stuff with your DTs? Some people really need it spelt out to them before they understand. It will get better. flowers

minglemoo Wed 30-Jan-19 12:47:49

No . I've said I would really like them to take them out sometime but it falls on deaf ears.

minglemoo Wed 30-Jan-19 12:52:11

I've said I'm really upset that she feels she can't help. My mum says she really wants to do things with them but can't. Idk whether it's a lack of confidence thing or she's busy with other things.

CheeseRolls Wed 30-Jan-19 12:56:03

Ask her why.

Maybe she worries about managing two at once. Could she take one at a time. Might be good to give you time with the other 121.

Though it misses the point of you getting a break.

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