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When to move to other room & separating twins?

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CrazyCatLady1993 Wed 09-Jan-19 03:38:43

Hi everyone

My twins are 20 days old and I have one rather loud twin (twin 2)! He grunts & groans in his sleep SO LOUD! It’s quite annoying but I’ve learnt to ignore it but I worry he will wake up the other twin. Sometimes he does, most of the time he doesn’t. I’ve been told the loud noises are normal but they sound quite aggressive! He sounds angry....

I’m contemplating on putting the loud twin in their own bedroom with the baby monitor and the quiet twin in our bedroom but A) I’m worrying about separating them and feel sorry for twin 2 being on his own and B) I’ve been told I should keep them in our room until 6 months but this doesn’t seem doable at the moment.

It’s also taking me nearly two hours to feed them both at the moment because of his moaning! My husband had to take him out of the bedroom just now and he started screaming!

Not sure what to do?!

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anotherdaygoesby Wed 09-Jan-19 03:56:10

Babies are noisy at night, it's just how they are as newborns but I wouldn't separate them and putting him in a room away from you increases the risk of SIDS.

It's completely normal to be wake all night at this age feeding and trying to settle them as they are tiny and still establishing day and night. I remember how shocked I was with my first and wanting to find an instant solution but they will sleep better in time. 3 weeks is very little.

Congratulations btw.

neversleepagain Wed 09-Jan-19 20:27:38

I wouldn't separate them, they'll get used to each others noises and sounds. All newborns are noisy, my twins sounded like a barnyard at night, I was amazed not one told me how loud newborns could be.

Mine are 6 now and can sleep through any noise so it's worth persevering.

CrazyCatLady1993 Wed 09-Jan-19 21:16:19

Ok thank you so much for your advice and honesty!

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Redskyandrainbows67 Wed 09-Jan-19 21:19:44

Babies under 6 months can only breath through their nose. If it’s blocked he could be struggling to breathe. Put some saline drops in his nose to clear it (you can make your own or buy from boots).
Also tilt the head of his cot by putting books under the legs.
Imo grunting and snoring is not normal and you should see the gp.

Shadow1986 Wed 09-Jan-19 21:20:11

Keep them together, i remember the feeds taking 1hr 30 - 2 hours and they were on 3 hourly feeds! Was painful! I think he’s too young to go in his own room. Sure it will settle down.

foobio Wed 09-Jan-19 21:25:48

Have you tried playing white noise? I have it on for my 2mo baby and it blocks out a lot of background noise, I sleep much better with it on too (although it takes a bit of getting used to).

My baby is also very noisy at night, grunts and snuffles. And as PP mentioned, saline nasal spray has helped when she has a cold.

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