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Snuza for twins

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aster10 Sat 24-Nov-18 18:47:45

Thank you

tinytwins Sat 24-Nov-18 12:43:44

We had Snuza Hero's so not exactly the same and they worked for our twins. We had, what felt like, a lot of false alarms (some people don't have any according to reviews, I wish I knew their secret).

They slept at opposite ends of an ikea cot, based on them going off I can't say they picked up movement from the other. By the time they were bigger and moving around more in their sleep we had one in the cot and one in a crib, still with their Snuzas on. We also found a nappy wrap on top of the nappy helped keep it in place when they were bigger and moving around loads, it was also summer so they were only in their nappy's to sleep.

aster10 Sun 18-Nov-18 21:04:52

Dear members - I had a question. For twins that will co sleep (perhaps at different ends of the cot), I'm wondering if Snuza (I'm thinking Snuza Go rather than Hero), when placed on one twin, really picks up the other twin's movements. Some websites recommend Snuza for co-sleeping twins specifically, as pads under mattresses won't work. Snuza specifically advises against it. There is another monitor called Respisense that apparently is more suitable, but - gosh - the reviews aren't great, it doesn't seem to be a good quality product. From research, I know that some people used two Snuzas for co-sleeping twins, and I wonder if any of you could share your views. (It is probably a difficult question whether it indeed picks up movement from another baby, I wonder how to test it - put a Snuza on a doll at one end of the bed and see if it is activated if you have a baby at the other end of the bed, or next to the doll?) Thank you!

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