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Early waking twins - any advice?

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ATwinThing Sat 10-Nov-18 05:54:25

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/advice.

For around a month now (before clock change so not related) my twins (18 months) have been awake from around 4/4.30 almost every morning. The usual pattern is that twin 2 will wake up, she could be settled but by going in to settle her twin 1 awakes and all hell breaks loose...

We have tried ignoring (twin 1 just doesnt stop), taking one into bed with us (occasionally this works but not often), giving milk, reducing daytime naps, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, food before bed...

We have been reducing daytime naps as well to see if that helps but nothing seems to. Help!

thinkingcapon Sat 10-Nov-18 06:08:09

Some people swear that an earlier bedtime allows a later wake up. Seems to go against logic but if you google it they can explain it better than me!

thinkingcapon Sat 10-Nov-18 06:09:10

Forgot to ask when they go to sleep......? What's their naps like? Are they fully weaned/milked up?! X

ATwinThing Sat 10-Nov-18 06:17:38

Thanks for replying.

They usually go to bed around 7. We have tried changing that in each direction, neither has made a difference although we perhaps haven't stuck to either for long enough.

They are both great eaters and still have milk in the morning and just before bed. We did try some extra food in the evening (porridge or similar), didn't seem to help.

Naps is where I think we could do something. Until recently they were still having two and both quite long. We've been trying really hard to limit to one (just after lunch). The problem is that with the very early wake up they're exhausted way earlier than this and if we go anywhere in the morning at least one will fall straight asleep on the way.

It feels really hard to find a way that works for both of them at the moment and I really don't want to give them different schedules.

itshappened Sat 10-Nov-18 06:38:40

I have an early rising 18 month old too, but we have pushed her through the morning nap since she was 10 months so it does sound like you need to reduce day time sleep a bit. That being said, if she nods off in the buggy or car then I leave her for 40 mins or so before waking her (usually wakes up by herself though). Her lunch time sleep is anything from 1.5-3 hrs, but I never let her sleep past 3 or in the afternoon.

My advice would be to let them have a 45 min sleep only at 8/9am ish if they are waking at 4:30. Then lunch between 11and 11:30. In bed for lunch time nap between 11:30 and 12. No sleep in the afternoon and in bed for between 6 and 7 in the evening.

How dark is their room? Do they like white noise or dummies? Are they warm enough? These are all factors which seem to effect my daughter and make her wake up earlier! I'm lucky as I only have one so can usually leave her to grumble in her bed until 6. Obviously with twins this is tricky without waking them both up! thanks

thinkingcapon Sat 10-Nov-18 06:38:58

Perhaps a power nap of say 20 mins in the morning 3 hours after their up might hold them until a 2 hour nap after lunch?
It's a total mindfuck isn't it?! Can take up to 5 days before you see a change so stick with whatever your tweaking. I'd say they need more sleep.....and sleep breeds sleep! X

ATwinThing Sat 10-Nov-18 06:41:30

Good idea about the power nap and yes I think we need to stick with things for longer before trying something new.

Was a big believer in sleep breeding sleep until I realised that their two naps were often totalling 4 hours or more and decided that was probably the problem! They're really good at napping!

Mailfuckoff Sat 10-Nov-18 06:44:12

My twins are 9. We are up watching inside out since 6am. Just accept you will never sleep again :-)

SippingSipsmith Sat 10-Nov-18 06:45:36

My DT are 6 now but at that age they were having full 2 hour nap after lunch.

Even now they'll sleep much better when well rested so I wouldn't be too quick to reduce day time sleep.

There is the wake to sleep method whereby you rouse them gently before they're normal wake up time and then they go back into a deeper sleep and wake much later. But I told my friend this and it totally backfired and her DS was up for her from 4am that day! Ooops

anniehm Sat 10-Nov-18 06:46:03

Later bedtime and reduced naps is the answer. We found at that age they went to sleep between 8&9 and had one 1 hour ish nap around 2. Woke around 7.30/8 leaving at 8.40 for school - yes tight in the morning but if everything is organised I found it easier, no time to play.

SippingSipsmith Sat 10-Nov-18 06:47:16

And yes what Malifuckoff says my 6 yr old DTs had me up at 4:50 as still struggling with the clock change (its like I've taken them to Australia and they have jet lag - it's just an hour!!!). So pleased I went out last night now.

Yeah. You just never sleep again!!!!

ATwinThing Sat 10-Nov-18 06:56:01

I'm so grateful for all your replies, they do however back up the fact that there really is no answer - for some it seems like more sleep works, for some it seems like less grin

I'll keep trying but inwardly accept that I'll never sleep again. Apart from tonight when I am... GOING OUT AND STAYING AT A FRIENDS HOUSE!! (If I can stay awake...)

Ps wake to sleep is the one thing I've never tried. I just have visions of 3am wake ups instead. Not brave enough to risk!

ATwinThing Sat 10-Nov-18 06:58:57

Ps in the time I took typing that the twins managed to find and help themselves to cat food. Going well today so far!! blush

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