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Tall baby sleeping arrangements. Any tall travel cots or cosleepers? HELP

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PixieBob28 Thu 01-Nov-18 21:58:58

Please help. Currently have a snuzpod which is 100cm with the sleepyhead inside. My baby cannot sleep without the sleepyhead so it's essential that we use it every night.

Only problem is my baby is so tall his tootsies are nearly touching the end of the snuzpod. He's only 3 months old so nowhere near ready to go into his cot.

We've had a few problems with our heating and we are moving next April so plan on having him in our room until we move.

I need help buying either another next to me portable cot or travel cot but the only problem is they only go up to 120cm and that's not really much more than what we have now!

Does anyone know where I can get a longer travel cot. Ideally around 140-200cm so I know it will last until he's at least 2 years old.

Many thanks.

PixieBob28 Thu 01-Nov-18 22:02:01

Oh bum meant to post this in parenting. Sorry!

welshweasel Thu 01-Nov-18 22:03:27

Why can’t you put him in the cot inside the sleepyhead? Plenty of babies go in a cot from birth! And a travel cot will be fine - my 2.5 year old has only just grown out of his.

bawbles Thu 01-Nov-18 22:07:32

My baby was average sized but fit the snuzpod (with sleepyhead) until he started pulling up at ten months! I thought he was outgrowing it earlier but his growth slowed lots after the first 3-4 months and he was fine

Winterfellismyhome Thu 01-Nov-18 22:09:11

Will his cot fit in your room?

Frlrlrubert Thu 01-Nov-18 22:11:54

We switched to cot and the bigger sleepyhead at 4 months for the same reason. Luckily we had (just) enough space in the bedroom to cable-tie the cot to the bed like a sidecar crib.

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