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Can twins at 6 Months ave size fit in a travel cot together?

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Jenniferb21 Wed 24-Oct-18 20:06:22


I’m going to my mum’s this weekend and space is limited. My twin girls are six months old and sleep in sleeping bags (so I’m not too worried about kicking etc)

They shared a cot until 4 months and often nap next to each other but I’m just worried there won’t physically be enough space

Does anyone have any experience of doing this?

Thank you x

mammmamia Wed 24-Oct-18 21:15:00

Mine wouldn’t have fit at that age. We had two travel cots.

neversleepagain Fri 26-Oct-18 19:18:31

Mine would have, they shared a cot until 8 months and napped in one cot until they were 2.5.

Iwantaunicorn Fri 26-Oct-18 19:21:34

Mine wouldn’t have at that age, we’ve also got two travel cots.

willisurvive3under2 Sat 27-Oct-18 23:01:14

Mine are 6 months now. They physically fit in a travel cot but they don't usually share as they disturb each other a little.

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