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Side by side twin pram but without separate bassinets

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SuperheroTrain Sat 20-Oct-18 11:12:39

Sorry about the super clear title but I'm looking for something similar to the Adbor Duo Star where both babies are side by side but in the same sort of bit rather than in completely separate bassinets

SuperheroTrain Sat 20-Oct-18 12:22:24

Bump thlsmile

SuperheroTrain Sat 20-Oct-18 19:32:10

One last go

Happycow Sat 20-Oct-18 19:53:02

Sorry if I'm being dense.... but what's wrong with that one?

SuperheroTrain Sat 20-Oct-18 19:56:25

There's nothing in particular wrong with it but I just want to see if there are other similar prams and I have no idea what to google

Pinkgeorge Sat 20-Oct-18 19:58:45

That’s lovely, does it convert as they twins grow!?x

schooltripwoes Sat 20-Oct-18 20:00:42

Mountain Buggy do this. It's called the Duo (not to be confused with the current twin model, Duet) and the bassinet part is the Duo Twin carrycot.

schooltripwoes Sat 20-Oct-18 20:02:51

Oops. Just seen it's now discontinued. Maybe able to buy secondhand ?

1busybee Sat 20-Oct-18 20:07:04

Babystyle lux twin

1busybee Sat 20-Oct-18 20:09:13

Emmaljunga used to do one too.

Happycow Sat 20-Oct-18 20:10:44

Emmaljunga twin city cross has one big hood- the babies need a soft carrycot insert which lies on the reclined buggy seat... while not one big bassinet, they would be closer than in two completely separate ones.

Happycow Sat 20-Oct-18 20:12:23

I think you can get two side by side in a standard size Silver Cross coachbuilt too...

although downsides in terms of price and folding up in a car boot....

serenmoon Sat 20-Oct-18 20:12:29

Mountain buggy used to do one, you might be able to get one second hand.

SuperheroTrain Sat 20-Oct-18 20:16:53

It does!
There more pictures of it on their website,DUO-stars

We'd like to buy one new so ones that have been discontinued aren't ideal unfortunately.

widgetbeana Sat 20-Oct-18 20:28:22

I think the bugaboo donkey is like this?

Pinkgeorge Sat 20-Oct-18 20:37:58

It’s lovely!! Congratulations on your twins. It’s hard work but the most rewarding thing you will ever do flowers.

Taytotots Sun 11-Nov-18 02:56:29

We had the mountain buggy one. Great pram and they seemed happy snuggled together. We got ours on eBay though. Not sure of new ones.

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