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Flying with Baby Jogger City Select double

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Beeegcuddle Thu 04-Oct-18 09:57:03

Hi there

We're going on holiday with our 8 month old twins and have a Baby Jogger City Select double buggy. Would we need to check the buggy and second seat in or could we take the whole thing to the gate? I'm just worried they won't allow us to do this as the second seat doesn't fold.

Any experience / advice much appreciated.

We're flying with EasyJet

HeartburnCentral Fri 05-Oct-18 00:26:22

I would ring the airline and ask. It might be easier to take your DC in slings. A lot of the airlines allow you to bring the buggy to the steps on departure, but make you collect at the baggage hall in arrivals. Be aware of the liquid restrictions at the security gate (100ml per person). I give our DC Calpol before check-in, to prevent sore ears. Have a lovely holiday smile

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