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Hellooo? New here...

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Mommalove Fri 08-Jun-07 23:01:23

Message withdrawn

Trinityrhino Fri 08-Jun-07 23:04:03

wow twins, cooool
Welcome, can't see an pigs ears here

I have 3 girls, 7, 2 and 4 months old

My mate has a 2 month old and looking after her baby and mine whilst she gets a shower is the closest I have come to having twins lol

How has your pregnancy been?

MarsLady Fri 08-Jun-07 23:07:08

you'll find lots of twin mums here. We're always chatting on the d'ya ever wonder threads. Come say hi!

Mommalove Fri 08-Jun-07 23:09:08

Message withdrawn

Trinityrhino Fri 08-Jun-07 23:10:33

I had awful sickness for the first four months of my 2nd and 3rd pg's ugh I was never sick but fekt seriously sick CONSTANTLY
ugh it is awful isn't it
glad you feel better

Mommalove Fri 08-Jun-07 23:19:17

Message withdrawn

Leoladyofleisure Sat 09-Jun-07 09:01:21

Hi Mommalove, I've got a 2 and a bit year old ds and 3 and a bit month old dts (id boys).
The support I have had from the other multiples mums here has been fantastic. The best advice was to make sure I got help sorted out early. I needed help with ds1 at the end of the pregnancy as i was quite immobile and the help I have had since they have been born has been has meant that I have been having fun and enjoying my babies and am not stressed and don't feel overworked (most of the time).

Chat more on the D'ya... thread!

Mommalove Sat 09-Jun-07 12:24:13

Message withdrawn

Mommalove Sat 09-Jun-07 12:26:29

Message withdrawn

Leoladyofleisure Sun 10-Jun-07 14:20:13

Mommalove, ask again about the work and the help on the D'ya thread. Lots of the mothers work, I'm planning to go back in January, although not feeling as sure about it as I was at the moment!

inamuckingfuddle Sun 10-Jun-07 14:29:50

mommalove I work, went back 0.6 when DTs were 6 months, tried f/t for a bit but it didn't work out (various reasons...) now I am 0.8 and will be f/t from Sept...I have had them in nursery, grandparents doing a day or 2 a week and had a nanny...they are currently in 3 days a week and will continue like this with grandparents on both sides taking turns to do 2 days a week. Am usually around on the d/y ever thread when I'm not working

bananabump Sun 10-Jun-07 14:32:21

Hi, just wanted to say welcome to MN and congrats on your twin babies!!!

Mommalove Sun 10-Jun-07 22:33:19

Message withdrawn

piximon Sun 10-Jun-07 23:40:26

Congrats and welcome Mommalove. I have b/g twins who are nearly five and a half months and older son (4) and daughter (three months shy of 3).
The twin comments seem to have no end from what I've heard so far.

Tortington Sun 10-Jun-07 23:57:33

i havbe 14 yo B/G twins. i quite like them.

elsa07 Tue 17-Jul-07 22:12:11


I'm Elsa! I'm 15 and 7 months pregnant with identical twins that were the result of a rape.

I haven't told anyone about them, and I've been really lucky and have only got a tiny bump!

I know exactly what you mean about some people giving rubbish advice, (I got it from people at the hospital) they're either incredibly patronizing and treat me like I'm 5, or frown down at me and tell me how stupid I am!Honestly, they don't even know me, or my situation!

I only found this site today, and it has been wonderful to speak to mothers of twins.

I advise getting loads of massages and pampering yourself, and giving into your cravings . Also, get as much sleep as possible, that's really helped me.

Ignore anyone who gives you rubbish advice, listen to people with experience (people on this site are really good ).

Pristine Wed 18-Jul-07 20:10:05


Just wanted to chime in on the worknig part - I have 2 y/o b/g twins, and went back to work F/T, at 4 mos. (pretty typical, here in the states).

It's hard, but we have the most wonderful day care provider (private) and my DH is a teacher, so he gets to stay home with them in the summer.

Mommalove Wed 18-Jul-07 20:45:14

Message withdrawn

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