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Buggy for holiday

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fullofwonder Wed 25-Jul-18 22:35:57

Hi there
We will be going to Tenerife in October and the twins will be 8 months.
Looking for advice / recommendations for buggies to take with us.
We have a Baby Jogger City Select, which I love, but it's big and heavy and I'm worried about the second seat getting lost in transit.
In your experience, would you recommend taking a smaller fold up double?

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B1rdinthebush Thu 26-Jul-18 18:25:39

We always take two singles on holiday as (depending on where you go) pavements can be a lot narrower. It's also easier for trying to fit into restaurants etc. We have two Zeta Vooms which are great, lightweight but sturdy, lie flat, a big sun hood and only about £50 each.

Masalatea Mon 30-Jul-18 15:19:30

Hello, we got the Zeta Citi Twin for holidays. It's easy to fold, not heavy and the seats recline low enough for the girls to sleep well. We were in Spain in June when they were 6 months and used the Snooze Shades to cover them completely when they were sleeping, both day and night. It worked well.

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